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Fringe 2022: Dance-Forum’s 78th International Choreographers Showcase Review

Memorable, joyous and captivating, The International Choreographers’ Showcase is a delightful way to explore talented emerging artists in the field.

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Fringe Reflections

Flyers are pushed into my hand as I weave in and out of the crowds on the Royal Mile, dodging children stunned by magicians’ tricks, a juggler miraculously keeping five swords in the air, a man dressed up as a Victorian dame, and a musician playing their guitar upside down. It’s all hustle, and bustle, […]

Comedy Fringe Theatre

Fringe 2022: Hannah Pilkes: A Woman on the Verge Review

Hannah Pilkes’ debut show is jam-packed and fun-filled, all based around the premise that Hannah is running late for her show. With the show veering wildly in different directions and pulling us into comedic realms that are fantastic, it is very impressive that Pilkes manages to keep this theme woven into the show. In fact, […]

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Fringe 2022: Tom Ward: Anthem Review

Rocking up to this year’s Fringe with his unmistakeably indie haircut, and wearing an out-of-season cagoule, Tom Ward walks out into the packed Monkey Barrel room as the final chorus of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger blares from the speakers. From one anthem to another, Ward launches into his side-splitting new hour of stand-up comedy, […]

Burlesque and Cabaret Circus Fringe

Fringe 2022: Blunderland Review

Nothing will prepare you for the trip that is Blunderland, an insane mix of circus, burlesque, drag and acrobatics that will transport you out of the mirrored circus tent on the meadows and into a world of unhinged madness for an hour. Blunderland’s host Eric Schmalenberger is the perfect guide throughout the night, emerging out […]

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EIBF 2022: Simon Woolley: Shaking Up the Establishment Review

Simon Woolley’s 2022 book, SOAR: My Journey from Council Estate to the House of Lords tells the success story of Lord Simon Woolley, Baron of Woodford. SOAR is more than a “rags to riches” story, his determination to not only benefit himself but also encourage the achievements of other Black people from deprived areas. Chaired […]

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Fringe 2022: ZIP IT Review

Brought to Fringe by Annabel Harrison Productions, with an all-female cast and crew, ZIP IT is a powerful new theatre production that, in a determined and self-assured manner, leads its audience through a hazy blend of emotional highs and lows. Packed full of striking emotional shifts, ZIP IT explores the distressing way in which stories […]

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EIBF 2022: Abdulrazak Gurnah, ‘Migration, The Story of Our Times’

Though initially intrigued but nonetheless unfamiliar with Abdulrazak Gurnah and his work, I sat mesmerised by the Nobel Prize winner for the hour he had been allotted at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The man, with fifty years of writing behind him along with a career in academia, carried with him none of the pretensions […]