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Fringe 2023: Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing is a so-called “dancegustation” from Australian dance company Attitude, pairing four different wines with four different pieces of dance. I was impressed by the show and what it…

Fringe 2022: Dance-Forum’s 78th International Choreographers Showcase Review

Memorable, joyous and captivating, The International Choreographers’ Showcase is a delightful way to explore talented emerging artists in the field.

Edinburgh International Festival: Antigone Interrupted Review

Antigone Interrupted presented by Scottish Dance Theatre and ideated by Joan Clevillé reconfigures the homonymous 5th c BC Greek tragedy by Sophocles to question the role of civil disobedience in…

Fringe 2022: BOOM Review

Young performers from Cirk La Putyka in Prague and the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts come together for this mesmerising and deeply personal show which explores their…

Fringe 2022: Love Me or I’ll Kill Myself Review

A striking Fringe debut, Faith delivers a dark and witty insight into the human condition through a generally captivating, if at times somewhat stilted, performance.

Fringe 2022: An Eve and an Adam Review

The queue is long when I arrive. Judging by the excited chatter, there is a lot of buzz surrounding this show. As we take our seats, the two performers are…

Fringe 2022: Flamenco Fiesta Review

Flamenco Fiesta will take you on a rhythmic journey right back to Spain.

From India to Triana review

A perfect blend of Indian and flamenco, From India to Triana is an exploration of dance and music styles from the different cultures. Produced and staged by home-grown company, The…