Edinburgh Book Festival: Spectres of History

In Spectres of History, Deborah Levy speaks about her recently published book, The Man Who Saw Everything. The event is mainly a question-and-answer session led by the chair about the book, focussing on analysing the protagonist, Saul Adler. Adler...

Mythos: A Trilogy review

Some tales will be nostalgic, most will recognise Odysseus’ ordeal with the Cyclops and the coup of the Trojan Horse. Other tales will be less well-known, but the elegance in Fry’s voice lulls the audience into embracing new tales as a child...

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Arundhati Roy with Nicola Sturgeon

A wide-ranging conversation beginning with her foray into writing and her work as a political activist in India, Nicola Sturgeon’s discussion with Arundhati Roy is an illuminating insight into the current political scene in India. The hour-long...

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