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  • alt-J produce a solid, if self-indulgent, sophomore album

alt-J produce a solid, if self-indulgent, sophomore album

While neither the detractors nor those allergic to their vocal sound will be converted, they have still crafted a compelling album; one that makes up for the loss of immediacy…

U2: Songs of Innocence

Songs of Innocence, to put it simply, feels like commercial drivel straight off the conveyor belt.

Interpol face a crisis of legacy on fifth album

Innovate and survive; replicate and die. A fitting, if disappointing, legacy for an Interpol album.


To give the world a track with potential and not follow it up is indeed a disappointment, but this in no way detracts from the quality of the single itself.

Ryan Adams brings out the A-List for his self-titled effort

Despite its rocky, upbeat feel, the singer’s melancholic lyrics are present throughout and prove this album to be truly Ryan Adams in name and in spirit.

The definitive IndyRef consolatory playlist

Depending on your allegiances, these are the last songs you’ll want to hear come Friday morning whilst nursing a political hangover.

Kiran Leonard

Electric Circus, July 31st. More often than not, stumbling across something of a random show, from a kid on his first tour, turns out to be complete dross. You know…