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The problem with vaccine nationalism during a pandemic

For many people, the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel is a Covid vaccine. Multiple trials are underway with promising results and there have been suggestions that a vaccine could be rolled out as early as March next year. However, the problem is not just finding a vaccine which works but also distributing […]

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What can Frankenstein teach us about bad science?

A scientific consensus
is only worth
acknowledging when it
follows a scientific
method, so failing to
replicate or reproduce
data could permanently
damage the authority of

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Let sleeping lizards lie and dream their sweet dreams

Sleep is a big part of human lives. A healthy night’s sleep is meant to be seven to nine hours per night, making up roughly one third of our 24-hour day. Whether or not the majority of the population (especially students) get this amount per night is highly unlikely. But, human society indulges the subject […]

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Humans may be able to sense the magnetic field of the earth

Humans may just have become members of a very eclectic club. Fruit flies, homing pigeons, bats, mole-rat, and turtles are among the diverse creatures unified by an intriguing characteristic: the ability to detect the earth’s magnetic field. Now, for the first time, there is compelling evidence to suggest that humans might also unknowingly share this […]

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The lessons learnt from the lamprey’s spinal cord regeneration

You could be forgiven for never having heard of the lamprey, an obscure lineage of fish that shared a common ancestor with humans approximately 550 million years ago. In fact, the only prominent example of this strange creature featuring in popular culture is their alleged role in the death of King Henry I, who, legend […]

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Why has the Fallout 76 Experiment Failed to Spark?

It had so much promise. Fallout 76 was meant to be Bethesda’s next great leap into the unknown. The tantalising online ad reels and longer trailers demonstrated how beautiful the game looked, it was a title on everybody’s lips. What we actually ended up with was disappointment. Endless bugs, gargantuan patches, and an apparent lack of […]

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Boiling a Frog: an Evolutionary Perspective on Why We Are So Bad at Tackling Climate Change

You may have previously come across the fable in which two unfortunate amphibians are dropped into two separate pots of water. In the first instance, the water is already boiling and the frog quickly reacts, jumping to safety upon sensing the hot temperature. In the second case, however, the water is initially cool and gradually heats. […]

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Why does the far side of the moon matter so much to us?

Thursday 3 January was a remarkable day in scientific exploration as China’s Chang-e 4 probe made a historic touchdown by being the first man-made device to land on the far side of the moon. It’s been a particularly hard feat to achieve, owing to the fact that beyond a certain point, earth cannot directly communicate […]