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Studying abroad in Edinburgh

In the crossroads of Gothic landmarks, virescent parks, and present-day structures, I find myself more grounded and more at peace with my own turbulent thoughts.  

Ode to the Elderly (Specifically my Grandfather)

My Grandfather was born in 1938, just before World War 2 to two very working-class, Northern English parents. He didn’t even know what a gay man was until he was…

The B word

Art imitates life, life imitates art, and the media’s portrayal of the bisexual isn’t always the nicest.

Female Sexualisation

Although the days of Page 3 girls seem long gone (despite the last publication only being in 2015), the evolution of technology has meant that the sexualisation of women through…

This is your transition.

When you make the decision that you are going to transition you do so because you need to.

Queering the university’s curriculum

Only when we are introduced to queerness structurally, though educational institutions, will we be able to transform our learning experience and move beyond understanding queerness as an aesthetic.

The Last of Us and the Politicisation of Queer Youth

I came out to my parents in 2014, aged 13; I was told that thinking something doesn’t make it true, and I did not come out again until I was…

Barbie: past her prime or future feminist icon?

How did something so simple and potentially empowering turn into something so destructive and problematic?