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Catfish and the Bottlemen

ByLydia Rylance Murdoch

Sep 25, 2014

Catfish and the Bottlemen deliver some classic angst with their latest single “Cocoon”. It may not be a revolutionary track but the single is one that begs to be stomped along to. Although occasionally in danger of becoming whiny, the delightfully catchy chorus and moody refrains avoid being irritating. The Welsh Indie rockers provide an accessible and inoffensive sound (albeit slightly wannabe-Springsteen in places). The lyrics of “Cocoon” are far from groundbreaking and filled with misty-eyed sentiments: “You go all red like the first time. I love it when you do that.” However, although they follow the expected rock template of frustrated love, Catfish and the Bottlemen execute it well. The accompanying video provides a touching (if somewhat over-the-top) romance set in a mental hospital. However, with lyrics like “Fuck’em if they try and get to us, cause I’d rather go blind than let you down” the dramatic slo-mo is pretty much a given.

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