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Changing up your skincare routine for the cold winter months

ByIva Belamaric

Nov 7, 2018

It is the beginning of November and winter is here. As the dark closes in and our central heating gets turned on, we need to take into consideration the impact the changing temperature has on our skin.  Here are some daily routines and recommended products to ensure your skin is best protected against the cold.

The most important aspect of a winter skincare routine is hydration. This focus on keeping moisture in our skin ensures the firmness, elasticity and regeneration of our skin during cold, winter days. In addition to products, incorporating two or more glasses of water into your day will significantly help with the appearance and condition of your skin. When it comes to taking your showers or baths, using hot water can be damaging for the skin as it can dry out the skin even further. If you find your hot showers difficult to give up, keep your bathroom doors closed to retain humidity.

When it comes to hydrating products, a very thick moisturizer as you get out of the bath or shower will help prevent that tight, dry feeling that skin often feels after a shower or bath. Applying a daily moisturiser will ensure an additional layer of hydration during the day, such as the Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream (£2.73). As coldness, wind and central heating affect your skin, it is also worth considering to a more hydrating facial cleanser such as the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (£8.99). Any foaming cleansers will strip the skin, while a gentle gel formula will serve your skin the best to ensure the retention of moisture.

When it comes to cleaning your face, avoiding skin wipes, though difficult, is a good habit to get into. They are full of chemicals and will lead to increased dryness. Also, they do not remove the majority of make-up or the general grime on our faces. Look into giving micellar waters a try, or oil-based make-up removers that are nourishing and will not strip the skin, such as the Loreal Absolute Make-Up Remover for Eyes and Lips (£5.99).

Layering oils on the face and body prior to a cream-based moisturizer will help retain hydration. A few varieties include coconut, argan and rose oil.  Look to The Ordinary for several cheap options for oils and serums. Oils are nice for the face and a great way to add a shot of extra hydration into a skincare routine, though those prone to acne should take extra care when considering oils and serums, making sure the products are comedogenic and won’t clog the skin.

For the body, it is best to avoid soaps and cleansers that are heavily fragranced as they can irritate the skin. It is best to use gentle cleansers and simple soaps that will be nourishing to the skin and wouldn’t cause any aggravation to the skin.

Taking care of our skin is something we should all be aware of, certainly as it will pay off in the future. Taking time for our skincare routine is a great way to start and finish your day and take a moment for yourself. You don’t need let the coldness ruin your day or your skin, it doesn’t have to cost much and is a great way to decompress and relax after making your way through the blistering wind.

Image: suzii13 via pixabay 

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