Charles Nurick reviews new Netflix Original: You Me Her

Relationships, their trials, and their tribulations have been a staple topic for centuries – even cavemen wrote about who was sleeping with whom, probably. Whether it be marital strife, new experiences, or even just a lack of romance, we’ve seen it all before. It is therefore difficult to inject something new and fresh into the genre.

You Me Her on Netflix does its best to do just that. The show revolves around the lives of Emma and Jack, a married couple in Portland who are experiencing a fizzle in their relationship. For them, sex is about as high on the agenda as trying to find a way to populate Jupiter. In a bid to rediscover his libido, Jack hires an escort, Izzy, before he freaks out about cheating and confesses to his wife. Angry and confused as to what Jack saw in Izzy, Emma also hires her and develops feelings.

As Jack and Emma successfully rekindle their love life, Izzy tries to move on with hers, only to realise that the connection she made with both clients was perhaps more than just a professional one.

Selling itself as television’s ‘first polyromantic comedy’, You Me Her certainly sets out to do something different, and to a certain extent it does. While three-way sexual relationships are nothing new, the polyamorous dimension to it allows for any number of scenarios that haven’t already been flogged more times than a failed Grand National runner. The chemistry between Izzy and her partners also delivers nicely, even if you do wonder why someone as interesting as Emma seemingly settled for someone so bland as Jack. Oh well, there’s hope for me yet.

Of course, it is not without its flaws. While the scriptwriters were so preoccupied with patting themselves on the back over their unique and quirky twist on love, they seem to have forgotten about the comedy that makes up half of the genre. The giggles come more from laughing at the show rather than with it. For instance, at the ridiculousness that someone would actually give someone else a footjob under a very open table in a bar in the middle of the day, or Jack getting annoyed at Emma for being ‘too lesbian’. For reals though, you cheated on her Jack, don’t be a snake.

Despite all this, You Me Her is not bad. In fact, I found myself voluntarily watching multiple episodes – although this might be because I have a dissertation to write. It may class itself as a break from the norm, but the show’s comforting familiarity is what makes it watchable in the first place.

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