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Christmas Ads 2022: A Definitive Ranking

ByMia Turnock

Nov 24, 2022
pic of two toy snowmen that are smiling whilst next to each other

It’s that time of year again, where we all get a bit too excited about the inevitable swarm of Christmas ads coming our way. For many of us, it’s the John Lewis ad that has us in a chokehold every year – we look forward to watching a heartbreaking story set to quite possibly the most soul-crushing acoustic cover of a well-known song. For me it’s the Aldi ad, Kevin the Carrot and his family always supply the best Christmas vibes. The adverts have come back strong this year, so I present to you a ranking of some of the best!

5. Amazon: Joy is Made

I will not lie – I may have shed a tear at this one. The advert shows a dad attempting to recreate his child’s favourite snow globe in giant form in his greenhouse for Christmas, and it was surprisingly emotional. I wouldn’t recommend watching this ad if you don’t want to sob, but all the best Christmas ads are a bit heart-wrenching right? 

4. John Lewis: The Beginner 

As always, John Lewis has provided us with a wholesome yet tear-inducing advert following the story of a man trying to learn how to skateboard. They get extra points for including an informative message about children in the UK care system whilst combining it with the classic warm and fuzzy feeling we expect from them. However, they don’t quite make the top of the list purely because I don’t think they could ever top their ‘Man on the Moon’ ad from 2015 – they set the bar too high for themselves!

3. Aldi: Christmas Advert 2022

Kevin the Carrot is back again with a rendition of Home Alone! Aldi’s Christmas ads always make me smile – I mean, they’re adorable little carrots, what’s not to love? In a world of uncertainty, we can always count on Aldi and their tiny carrot family to warm our hearts. 

2. Sainsbury’s: Once upon a Pud 

Anything involving the icon that is Allison Hammond immediately gets me on board, and she did not disappoint. Aside from the fact that the ad is set to a medieval cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus, it supplies impeccable Christmas vibes showing off all the delicious food available – it’s a must-watch for you all Allison lovers out there!

1.Asda: Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas 

An unexpected win from Asda this year with perhaps the best Christmas ad ever! Whoever came up with this advert needs a pay rise immediately. The editing, the acting, the vibes are all a 10/10. As a through and through Tesco girl its actually making me want to go and shop at Asda, so mission accomplished on their part! Buddy the elf is an integral part of Christmas time, and Asda really ‘sleighed’ the game this year.

Photo Credit: Merry Christmas! by Karl Neufelder is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.