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Christmas Gift Guide: The Student’s recommendations

ByDeepali Chhabra

Dec 6, 2018

With Christmas creeping quickly round the corner and the whole city wrapped in tinsel and bright lights, it is usually the time we all surrender to bankruptcy and struggle to find the perfect present. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the big sparkly sales and trying to read people’s minds to figure out what they really want. I tend to stick by the rule of thumb to get somebody something they wouldn’t buy themselves – often I cast my mind back to times when someone mentioned saving up for something or not having the time to go somewhere.

As well as these sentimental surprises, I have slotted in some more ‘generic’ presents for the not-so-secret Santas, new friends and people too complex to buy just one item for. Maybe this will spark some inspiration, perhaps even mention something you would love to receive. I hope it helps you muddle through so you can truly appreciate the festive season.

Magazine Subscriptions

Although this seems like something an elderly relative would give you and you would reluctantly receive, there is always someone who would appreciate a monthly dose of something they are passionate about. For the edgier, more creative person, it’s worth having a look at Stack Magazines who will deliver a few specially selected independent magazines to them every month – which have covers best described as ‘coffee table chic’.

Given the variety of magazines available, there is sure to be something for all ages and interests. I have a particular soft spot for National Geographic and Vogue whereas my sister would have her head stuck in The Economist. If this is a present you haven’t considered before, visit the WHSmith website to be dazzled by just how many magazines and subscription deals there are available.


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