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Club Spotlight: Edinburgh University Cricket Club

BySam Lewis

Feb 4, 2024

Whenever you think about cricket, the mental image that comes to mind is probably that of the quintessential English countryside, a quaint little place where some stuffy old men turn up to play an antiquated game with ridiculous rules. However, quietly thriving in the heart of the Scottish capital is the Edinburgh University Cricket Club (EUCC), a sports society as unique as it is wonderful.

For one thing, unlike the majority of sports clubs at the university, be they intramural or competitive, the majority of its members will not play for the club until the academic year has almost concluded, due to cricket’s particularity about conditions. Whilst this might sound as though it would be a struggle to sell for many societies, what it enables during the lengthy off-season is an extravagant array of many wonderful socials, which help to build up a strong club atmosphere long before the first ball is bowled. Something else that helps to build up this societal spirit is the intramural sports teams, led by the Edinburgh University Cricket Football Club (EUCFC). Having so far enjoyed a spectacular season, they are nearing the conclusion of a league campaign that could see them crowned champions.

Recently, the club was nominated for the Colonel RB Campbell trophy for the most improved club by the University of Edinburgh Sports Union, as well as for the most improved intramural team of the year. This shows the growth that the club has had over the course of the past year and shows the work that has been done. The club, being a mixed society, defies the casual norm that cricket is an old boys club and, in fact, is a club that prides itself on having so many female members, with a strong set of women’s teams.

The entire club is incredibly accessible, with hard-working committee members who are dedicated to ensuring that the environment of the EUCC is welcoming to everyone, be they lifelong cricket badgers or someone who couldn’t tell their point from their midwicket. The club truly is for people of all abilities, from a Social XI (of which I am a proud player) who play friendly games, often on the meadows, to even having some international players in our higher teams (some have even been on Sky Sports this week!). This is a club that welcomes everyone and gives so much to its members.

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