Clubs are back, but are they worth it?

Since the hallowed day of January 24th – branded again as “Freedom Day”- clubs have re-opened and the news was followed by great fervour.

But many on that specific night didn’t have quite the experience they were hoping for. Instead of the euphoria of dancing and being among people again, it seems many dealt with long, cold waiting queues and the strict barking of bouncers for people to “keep in line” that reminded me more distinctly of lining up for a fire drill than an enthusiastic welcome. 

Santa Davies, a first-year geography student confided to The Student that “the night was horrible! We waited for hours in the freezing cold only to be turned away for no clear reason and then were forced to go elsewhere and just ended up giving up altogether because the queue was too long.” The nights since “Freedom Day” also haven’t seemed up to scratch as a few other first-year students claimed that when arriving in larger groups they were turned away from entering altogether with no explanation. 

So, is this the new normal?
Clubs may be promoting their resurgence but is it really worth it?

Possibly not, since the long waits and queuing in the cold does leave the fun of the night to be desired and, even if you get in, it doesn’t always guarantee you a good time. Drinks spilled, sticky floors, and the anxiety after the spiking epidemic a month or so ago are all reasons why people, especially female students, have felt more reluctant to venture towards New Town or Cowgate for a night out. Even despite measures to counteract fears of spiking and sexual assaults in clubs with promises of pat-down searches and hotlines students can call, it’s completely up to the individual on whether or not they feel safe. 

Katie Charlton, first-year, informed The Student that “I don’t feel as safe as I did at the beginning of the first semester and I’m not sure I will again. The whole spiking thing really freaked a lot of people out and now every time I go out it’s another thing I have to worry about on top of getting in with the queues the way they are right now.”

So, is there hope for clubs or is it a lack of student faith that’s bringing down the credibility of the clubbing experience?

There’s no doubt that clubs will likely always have queues. There are many who relish the experience and vibe clubs give, but for the rest, it may feel like a responsibility to go clubbing as a student, as though it’s some rite of passage when in actuality they would rather be anywhere else. 

Only time will tell. For now, it remains to be seen if the queues will ever diminish or if the idea of clubbing is still as attractive as it was when we came to university, fresh-faced and eager to stay out until five.

Image via Geograph