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Confidence Man Gets Down and Dirty in Glasgow

ByGeorgia Bennett

Nov 19, 2022

Light up LED cone bras, champagne, crotch grabbing, convulsive dance moves and rave music is what a Confidence Man concert consists of. 

On 9th November, the Australian four piece sensation Confidence Man came to the iconic Barrowland Ballroom to deliver their electropop driven dance moves and dynamic vocals. The band consists of two singers, Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, and two anonymous figures shrouded in black whilst they play the drums and keyboards. It is the latter who emerge first to begin playing the jumpy electric beat of ‘Toy Boy’ to which Planet and Bones then saunter on stage to. The frontmen are wearing comically oversized Talking Heads style suit jackets with moving shoulder pads that rise to the beat of the music and the crowd are instantly ignited by their contagious energy. Their immense stage presence gets the sea of Confidence Man fans moving quickly and within minutes people are gathering in the middle of the crowd to mosh. 

The performance is divided into four quarters marked by glitzy costume changes. Following the suits they opt for diamante clad clothing before transitioning to LED flapper outfits, an LED cone bra for Planet and LED shoulder pads for Bones. They save the best for last, for the final segment the iconic outfits from their ‘Holiday’ music video, the heavyweight champion of pop songs that ultimately brings the house down. For Confidence Man, the visuals and the performance is just as important as the music and their invigorated performance style is unmatched. Janet Planet and Sugar Bones’ eclectic dance moves are risqué and never fail to rouse everyone to dance with them. Confidence Man have carved out a brand for themselves that promises not just an enjoyable listen but an experience of excitement, lust for life and movement. Their music has techno qualities which paired with their performance style and the accompanying lights give the gig a feeling of being in a nightclub. 

Confidence Man makes their mission clear from the outset as Sugar Bones chants in ‘Out the Window’, the second song of their set, that he ‘only wants a good time’, something they share with the crowds who come to see them. During one of the last songs of the set, Bones even sprays champagne over the devoted fans already covered in confetti. Continuing to involve the audience, during ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’, Janet Planet instructs everyone, “Get down!” and the whole crowd gets down on the floor. All I can see is a sea of backs, as though bowing down in prayer to the promised Confidence Man. Janet Planet even delivers spoken word segments that enhance the air of ordained authority as she preaches, “This is my house, the house that I built with my own two hands and if I so desire I will burn it down.” So in her house, when she tells you to get down, you get down, and you love every second of it.

Image courtesy of Georgia Bennett