COP26: Glasgow to be host city of 2020 UN Climate Change Summit

Glasgow is set to be the host city for 200 world leaders at the 2020 UN Climate Change Summit to solve the imminent danger of climate change. The conference is aligned with the highly renowned Paris Agreement of 2015, as it is described as the most important gathering since then. 

The summit will be held in November 2020 within Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus and will last for 2 weeks. This will be the 26th conference held, whilst Italy holds the preparatory meetings leading up to Glasgow’s event alongside a youth event. This conference allows the world’s leaders to work towards finding a solution that will help us live in a more ecologically conscious society. 30,000 delegates, from a number of different fields, will meet to discuss the best strategies. Thence onwards, governments will have the opportunity to make investments in solutions that will benefit nature and the climate.

Scotland has been regarded as one of the leading countries when it comes to capping pollution and battling climate change. This image allows the once industrial Glasgow to be the perfect setting for this event. Glasgow used to be the sight of industry, most notably the industry of ship building which ran alongside the River Clyde. Glasgow was a city that predominantly rose out of the smoke from the industrial revolution and will now become aligned with the effort to stop the climate emergency. 

The Scottish government, over the last few years, has taken the initiative to reduce its contribution towards the climate crisis. The government is focused on reducing carbon emissions, “for the benefit of our environment, our people, and prosperity,” as they state on their website. Glasgow takes great pride in presenting itself as one of the most sustainable cities within the United Kingdom. 

Not only is this a great opportunity for Scotland and the UK, but it will also provide a global environmental stage for Glasgow as world leaders congregate there. Glasgow will become aligned with the efforts being made to save the planet. Especially, as the population are actively taking to leading a more sustainable lifestyle through the endorsement that is often advertised. 

COP26 forces the world’s view to turn to Scotland and the UK as it becomes the setting of the international effort. It represents a time of working together and ensuring that everyone can be part of a future upon a healthy Earth. It also allows the UK to become the exemplar of how to work towards a sustainable lifestyle since the summit gives the chance for many of the world’s governments to reach an agreement on how to tackle the climate crisis. 

On the other hand, it also places a large amount of pressure and responsibility upon the UK as there is a time constraint. This is a situation that is close to many of the public’s hearts, and will therefore put officials who have the power to decide climate policy under much scrutiny. However, Scotland’s already existing stance on climate change can act as an example to other leaders and countries. 

The conference allows the world to see the battle for our future and the struggle to stop draining its resources. The voices of those who have warned us constantly are now being listened to. Not only that, it places Scotland and the whole of the UK at the forefront of the battle for our global future. The conference represents the government listening to the concern and panic that is emanating from society. 

 After months of hearing the complete turmoil about the future of the planet, this conference offers a sense of fresh hope that something will be done and that a solution can be met. Glasgow will be the leading city in guiding the world to a more sustainable future.


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