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Corona cuffing: pressing fast-forward on the dating scene

ByKatarina Slater

Oct 6, 2020

For those who are oblivious to this new term, ‘corona cuffing’, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It simply refers to the more prevalent fast-forward attitude in the dating scene since lockdown started. Whilst people in already established relationships are dealing with increased pressure, working from home, perhaps juggling home-schooling their children on top of this, singletons are seeking new partners, fast! More people are speeding up the initial awkwardness and hesitancy into a fully-fledged relationship due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 

During these ‘trying’ times, to put it very loosely, more people have sought a new companion to accompany them during the many hours we seem to spend at home now. Bars and restaurants close at 10pm, clubs have grown cobwebs, and parties always receive an unwanted visitor in a uniform with handcuffs (not in a good way). We are having more and more cosy nights in, and some singletons (especially those who live alone) are slowly realising they’d prefer if someone joined them. 

The dating app, Bumble, has found that over 50 per cent of their users have changed their profile to seeking more meaningful relationships during lockdown. Over 40 per cent say they plan to spend more time talking to people online before meeting them in person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some have dived head-first into virtual dating, with online dates over video-calls every week, and then eventually meeting the person if the dates have gone well. Although the initial stages of dating might be much slower, the transition from getting to know someone to being in a relationship with them is becoming much quicker. 

It’s still unclear whether casual sex is illegal, but it is definitely frowned upon during the age of coronavirus. Therefore, more people are trying to find someone, dare I say, really worth the risk. For some, this has meant living with each other very early on in their relationship due to closing borders and uncertainty. This has either has driven them apart or made their relationship stronger. 

For some, the worry of the recent tightening in restrictions worldwide might have forced them to stay with someone for whom they are just settling. Even the thought of going into another lockdown, where dating IRL is close to impossible again, might be too hard to handle.

However, this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea: some singletons are realising how happy they are by themselves after they’ve been forced to spend so much time alone these past seven months. These people might not even be dating at all. Some are still only looking for something casual, while others might not want to turn down the possibility of regular and reliable ‘action’, so to speak. On the other hand, fun is still to be had for those who choose to remain entirely on their own, discovering new pleasures, in every sense of the word. 

How has lockdown changed your attitude to dating? Do you have a corona-cuff? 

Image credit: karossieren via Pixabay