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Courtney Barnett’s Nameless, Faceless

BySam Gowans

Mar 4, 2018

Rating: 3/5

Fresh off a triumphant collaboration with Kurt Vile on 2017’s Lotta Sea Lice, Aussie indie rocker Courtney Barnett returns with her first solo material since her 2015 debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit.

This track is vintage Barnett. Rhythmic guitars, charming melodies and plainspoken vocals make up this indie delight. Summer tones fill the verses, featuring backing vocals from the Breeders founder Kim Deal, all making sure you are treated to a soothing sonic cushion.

The sound shifts during the chorus, perhaps to the songs detriment, employing a far dirtier sound and less melodic vocals to punch home the lyrical content. While this style is nothing unusual for Barnett, it feels as though the song could have benefited by delving even further into its hook laden beginnings.

An attacking chorus shows Barnett taking a stand against men hiding behind internet anonymity. Quoting feminist author Margeret Atwood, Barnett scowls “Men are scared that women will laugh at them, Women are scared that men will kill them”.

While not straying too far from the norm for Barnett, the strong feminist message, savage guitars and poignant lyrics mark this as a triumphant return for the ever rising indie star.

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