Cozy cocktails courtesy of new student-friendly bar Damm27

Situated in the convenient but quiet Causewayside, Damm27 is the perfect ‘treat yoself’ spot for a catchup and a quirky cocktail. With lots of comfortable seating, plenty of space and a chic but relaxed environment, this bar is an ideal location for food, festive dates and fun. Their drinks menu has lots on offer with a mixture of classic cocktails and some funky concoctions that are unique to the bar, all priced very reasonably. Damm27 is also very student friendly with 20% off food, £5 selected cocktails and a £10 burger and beer combo on offer throughout the week. At this week’s social, staff from The Student sipped away at a variety of the cocktails on offer and voiced their opinions on their tipple of choice, some of which were, let’s say, interesting.

Covent Garden – review by Maisy Hallam (Literature Editor)

Looking at the ingredients list for the Covent Garden, no one could resist the urge to give it a try. Beefeater Gin, yum. Pear liqueur, yes please. Pickle juice – what? A dash of tobacco – what’s happening?!

Strangely enough, this wild combination, topped off with some lemonade, is truly something else. Don’t get me wrong, you can really taste the pickles – it definitely tastes like it’d be great for your gut microbiome. But the flavour, perfectly balanced out with lemon and sweetness, is unlike any other cocktail you’d try. More of an experience than a drink, the Covent Garden exudes chaotic energy, and is a must-try for any lover of screw-your-face-up sour. It’ll get you pickled!

Espresso Martini – review by Harry Vavasour (The Student Secretary)

Being confronted with such an extensive and cosmopolitan cocktail list can at times, be overwhelming. Alongside the eye-catching specialities, comes the classic cocktail range, which at five pounds for students, are just too good to resist.

Eventually I whittled down the vast collection and opted for an Espresso Martini, a drink which combines debonair charm with glitz and glamour to ooze sophistication. On its arrival, the drink’s dark base and white top sparked comparisons with a Guiness, but with its sparkling martini glass and its coffee bean crowns, it is the prince to the Irish staple’s pauper. As its smooth frothiness slithers warmly down the throat before the coffee-vodka mix skips across the tongue, Damm27’s incarnation does not disappoint as it is made for the elegant, urban atmosphere that the bar exudes.

Baltic Pear – review by Holly Thomas (Film & TV editor)

The more palatable sister to Covent Garden’s subtleties of pickled pear, Damm27’s Baltic Pear promises authentic flavours in a deeply refreshing cocktail. While it admittedly does not leave you feeling overly adventurous with your tipple of choice, its combination of ante pear liqueur and pear purée with lemon juice eschew any taste of fruity artificiality and quickly dissolve former regrets of over cautiousness.

Watch out for the pear liqueur and Havana rum that are somewhat muffled by the pear/apple juice overtones making the Baltic Pear one of those lethal drinks that you unknowingly gulp down within five minutes. A definite recommendation for anyone looking for a safe but deliciously different mix. This cocktail will make you the envy of your peers with your sizeable glass and edible fruity garnish!

Red Light District – review by Ellie-Jo Johnstone (Lifestyle Editor)

This fruity mix of Gevener, Triple Sec, homemade red fruit syrup and champagne provides that sickly-sweet cocktail goodness that we all crave. Garnished with a floral topper and served in an elegant champagne flute, Red Light District leaves you feeling rather boujee. Like Baltic Pear, the alcohol taste is hidden behind the sharp taste of berries and sweet syrup – think of it as an alcoholic Ribena!

This cocktail is definitely one for the sweet tooth’s in the room and if a strong, bitter alcohol taste is your worst nightmare – then I’ve found the solution. A smaller, easy on the palette and more glamorous drink with ‘the Instagram factor’ means that this is the perfect drink for a ‘glass in hand’ photograph with your chosen cocktail buddies.

Damm27 is an ideal place to feel suave and sophisticated on a student budget, if you’re bored of popping out for a Tenants in the local, then take a walk through the meadows and spend that extra few pounds on a drink with the wow-factor. The bar has small seating areas for a more intimate feel as well as tables suited to larger parties, meaning your pals can all get together over the festive period and indulge in a plethora of alcoholic treats – what’s not to love?

Sponsored content. This article was written in collaboration with Damm27.

Image Credit: Ellie-Jo Johnstone