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Crocs are making a comeback

ByIza Horbaczewska

Mar 25, 2021
A shop wall, lined with pink, green, red and brown Crocs.

Yes, you did read the title of this article correctly. You might think I’m going mad…surely the rubber monstrosity of a shoe isn’t emerging from the depths of the 2000s where jeans were so low-waisted that you could see pubes? But hear me out here…Crocs are cool, and they will be the shoe of Summer 2021. 

Do I say this because I have a pair of hot pink Crocs that I want to be able to wear without judgement at every social occasion? Potentially. However, I am not alone. The fashion search engine, Lyst, has called them “the it shoe” of the season, with searches increasing by 32% monthly. Brands in the past have tried to make Crocs high-fashion, with Christopher Kane in 2017 and Balenciaga in 2018 releasing their own versions in runway shows. 

Yet this year, they seem to have gone mainstream, with celebrities ranging from Justin Bieber to Post Malone collaborating with the brand and other influencers, including Ariana Grande and Emma Chamberlain sporting a pair. But don’t panic – the shoes are available to the likes of you and me too, stocked by Urban Outfitters and ASOS in a range of colours. £30 may seem a bit steep for a pair of holey, rubber sandals but once you realise they can be worn with anything and everything, you’ll be tempted. 

You might be wondering why these shoes are making a comeback now. After all, it was less than ten years ago that Crocs had Facebook pages with millions of people dedicated to hating on the shoe and as a result, they nearly went bankrupt. In 2010, they were listed 22nd in Time magazine’s list of the 50 worst inventions. Fashion has gone full circle, in that what was deemed as unbelievably uncool has since become cool again. This can be somewhat credited to celebrity influence but perhaps surprisingly also to NHS workers. The heroes of the pandemic favour this shoe for its light weight and comfort factor. In a year where comfort has triumphed over fashion, it is unsurprising that Crocs have come into their own. Perhaps they are also representative of a craving for a comforting and cheering form of nostalgia; for me, they are reminiscent of childhood holidays – sports mode for frolicking through rock pools and sandal mode for fashion

Even with lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, it seems unlikely that people will be willing to abandon the comfort they have grown accustomed to. Moreover, the customisable nature of the shoe will undoubtedly be a conversation-starter once beer gardens reopen. In the time I have written this article, I have ordered myself 6 new jibbitz (attachable charms for those of you unfamiliar with Croc terminology). 

If this article hasn’t convinced you to go and get yourself a pair of Crocs, I’m not sure there is any way to persuade you. All I will say is that you will regret it when everyone around you is wearing them day and night. 

Image: Matt Young via Flickr