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ByRupert Radley

Sep 16, 2014
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Scotland is the word on everybody’s lips this week, and if you haven’t heard; the biggest decision in some three hundred years is upon us and great and mighty sacrifices must be made. Alternatively, if you don’t feel prepared for such constitutional madness you can bury your head in the sand and get equipped to deal with the vote by watching some hand picked favourites of Neil Marshall, cult horror director and champion film maker.

Whilst he may not be a Scotsman himself, his work embodies every aspect of the nation: Scottish actors, Scottish locations and Scottish dialogue.

Dog Soldiers is the first of Marshall’s films where Scotland is the main theme, much like this week in fact. However, unlike this week (hopefully) Dog Soldiers involves more werewolves and more eating of people (again, we’ll see). Our heroes are brave Scottish soldiers, our villains the sinister English and the film is rammed full of great Scottish dialogue and beautiful Scottish scenery.

Perhaps a more relevant, Scottish-themed Marshall film would be Doomsday from 2008. Whilst still being related to Scotland, it goes much further and is far more unbalanced than Dog Soldiers ever was. It incorporates a wonderfully steampunk apocalypse storyline which lends itself perfectly to the use of Scotland as a location all the while continuing the theme of the consumption of people.

However, perhaps in a rather magic twist of fate, Doomsday is a prophecy, the prediction of the result on Thursday. A divination of a country divided, Hadrian’s wall rebuilt and a global plague where Scotland has returned to a lost land; where it takes ultimate bravery and complete savagery in equal measure to survive.

Maybe that is just an excitable imagination running wild, but whatever the vote on Thursday, one thing is certain; it is well worth checking out Marshall’s features on Scotland and taking the time to grasp how important the vote really is. I mean at the end of the day, it’s not just independence to handle, it is both werewolves and manic steampunk rogues. Just, if it is a ‘Yes’ vote on Thursday Scotland, please promise not to eat us.

                                    Rupert Radley

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