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Damon Albarn – Hostiles

ByRobert Anderson

Nov 11, 2014
Image: wildfire-music.com

Every artist that goes into solo mode seems to follow the same predictable “I can do it on my own, honestly watch!” arc. Having gone through the supergroup phase, then the awesome Gorillaz deviation, then that weird bit where he did things that made pretend musoes go “Hmmm, how clever”, Damon Albarn has advanced into the unremarkable, quiet phase, as proven by his track ‘Hostiles’.
So at least that’s progress. The song features a diverse structure, starting with a quiet, acoustic section, leading into another quiet, acoustic bit, before the colossal impact of the quiet, acoustic finale – with the creative addition of unremarkable backing vocals.
It’s easy to see that Albarn is trying to show his diversity and creativity, however, nothing about the track screams interesting or keeps your attention.

Albarn may wear many stylistic masks, however, it’s easy to look right past this one.

By Robert Anderson


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