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David Correos & Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos & Order

ByBeth Blakemore

Aug 22, 2017

As I entered the Wee Room of Gilded Balloon Teviot and sat down, my stomach dropped when I noticed the floor covered in tarpaulin with a bucket sitting close by. It was at that moment that I feared that it was a mistake to have sat in the second row. Well, when it comes to Chaos and Order, nobody is safe.

It can often be said that comedy show titles can be misleading, or rather loosely linked to the material presented. That is certainly not the case with David Correos and Matt Stellingwerf’s comedy act, with Chaos and Order perfectly describing the nature of each New Zealander’s act.

Rarely is there a contrast in style as great between two comedians working with one another. Matt Stellingwerf takes to the stage first, immediately creating a chilled atmosphere as he interacts with the audience. His laidback approach to his performance immediately puts you at ease, perhaps making you too comfortable as he begins to draw attention to those nearest to him.

It is through Stellingwerf’s interactions with those in attendance that he proves himself to be a natural comedian, effortlessly finding humour in their jobs or home nations. Having previously been a criminologist, there is a certain degree of scientific reason to Stellingwerf’s material. He has an intellectual wit that is constantly on point, allowing him to mock others for their stupidity without coming across as obnoxious – his experience with a homeopathic-preaching mum, alongside his paediatrician wife, is exceptional. In fact, his half-hour slot feels too short, for we are left hanging on a story about how funny serial killers and those on death row can be.

As Stellingwerf takes his leave, the show rapidly moves from the rational to the absurd as David Correos appears from behind the curtain. It is quite hard to describe what happens in the second half of the show. You really have to see it to believe it.

The tarpaulin quickly comes into play, eventually covered in a mixture of egg, paint and shower gel, however that does not stop the audience from being at risk from Correos and his manic performance.

Do not let this dissuade you from attending the show. Correos’ main topics of discussion are rather random – ranging from his Filipino father’s gambling addiction to dieting, emojis, and his latest ‘remixes’. What is more, towards the end of this all, Chaos and Order will present you with the best unicorn costume you have ever seen (and perhaps a few nightmares as well).

Without a doubt, Correos goes to the extreme to make his audience laugh, and will leave you unsure whether the drops on your face are your own tears or his spit. These two men from New Zealand are a guaranteed hour of entertainment, and they deserve a full house every evening.

Before you go, just remember to pack a waterproof jacket and maybe some earplugs (Correos really likes to get right up in your face).


David Correos & Matt Stellingwerf: Chaos & Order
Gilded Balloon Teviot – Wee Room (Venue 14)

Until 28th August 

Buy tickets here

Photo courtesy of Gilded Balloon

By Beth Blakemore

Former Senior Culture Editor (2016-7) and Fringe Editor (2017). MSc student researching the Spanish Baroque. Most likely to be found in either the library or bailando in El Barrio.

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