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ByKerry Gilsenan

Nov 9, 2015

With a successful fourth series under its belt, Danielle Ward’s comedy panel game Dilemma presents hypothetical situations in the self-proclaimed “show which acts as an intrepid donkey walking across the nation’s moral mind field, desperately trying not to sneeze”. With lively would-you-rather discussions, fluttering with the uncontainable energy of presenter Sue Perkins, and four humorous panellists competing to carve out the moral high ground, nonsensical hilarity naturally ensues.

This ‘intrepid donkey’ may not provide an exemplar moral compass – I should hope – but it does lead us to some quite unusual conclusions: perhaps the questionable honesty of an estate agent would do your internet dating profile some good. And no matter how much you want to see your child shine in their nativity role of generic angel or third sheep, you should probably miss it and phone the police if you ever find a severed hand. Food for thought.

Image: Stefan Baudy

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