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Disturbed: Evolution review

ByHarry Banks

Nov 10, 2018

Disturbed have been around for quite some time amidst the metal community. Even now they are creating new music – their latest record Evolution is their seventh studio album. So it would be no surprise that they would try something different with their music. One then must ask whether the band have evolved as their album title suggests. The opening track ‘Are You Ready’ will be unsurprising to long-term fans, nor will the following number, ‘No More’. When it comes to what would be considered the norm, Disturbed bring their A game as is expected. After these comes perhaps the best song on the album. ‘A Reason to Fight’, might just be one of the most powerful and emotional ballads in recent metal, showing just how impressive vocalist David Draiman’s voice can be. Along with this comes another, ‘Hold On to Memories’, being truly melancholy in its treatment of bereavement and the deceased.

But then listeners come to the realisation of how different this album is. Once heavy guitars and energetic drumming are now acoustic music along with slower metal. In all honesty the songs themselves are decent, however melded together something seems off about the album. Tracks like ‘Saviour of Nothing’ and ‘In Another Time’ fit excellently with the typical Disturbed sound, however any long-time fan will notice how they are much slower than earlier hits. There is not much of a rhythmical difference when a song blares out in electric guitars or if they decide to quiet down to a ballad. It also yields a poor result seeing as the best song on the album is its third, leaving the rest to simply tread its footsteps as the album has peaked far too soon.

Of course, that Disturbed have tried something different is more than commendable. Their music is still enjoyable and there will be plenty to rock to during the gigs or any session of casual listening. This particular album might be, however, something of a shock to listeners who expected a heavier sound.


Image Credit: Samantha L. Quigley via Wikimedia Commons

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