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Doctor Strange

ByLila Pitcher

Nov 2, 2016

Listen up Cumberbabes, Benedict may have been driving us crazy by delaying the Sherlock sequel, but you will forgive him instantly after watching his depiction of Marvel’s revolutionary superhero Doctor Strange. Prepare yourselves for a multidimensional and somewhat psychedelic detour from the typical Marvel route, as director Scott Derrickson redefines superhero adventures in a visually spectacular experience.

Doctor Stephen Strange is an arrogant, yet extremely skilled neurosurgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car crash. In a desperate attempt to heal and as traditional medicine fails him, he travels to Nepal where he meets a mysterious guru: the “Ancient One” (Tilda Swinton). By unlocking within himself powers defying the laws of nature and dimension, Strange is led to make a choice between his rational lifestyle and a new found duty to confront the traitor Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen).

“What did you put in that tea? LSD?” asks the incredulous Dr Strange during one of the scenes. Trust me, you will be asking yourself the same question repeatedly during the screening. Indeed, the amazing visuals skilfully mix our action packed expectations with a new fantastic dimension creating an exciting middle ground between Harry Potter magic and Superman thrills. Additionally, following in the steps of anti-hero personalities, Cumberbatch will make you chuckle with some hilarious one-liners and subtle teasing of traditional “caped crusaders”.

A slight drawback is the lack of female presence as witnessed through the accomplished Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) who, though being the romantic interest, isn’t given much more character than her never-ending dedication to the big-headed Doctor. Although Dr Strange redefines the traditional muscle to emphasise the power of the mind, we can’t help but wish it had satisfied our nudging inner voice asking when the Marvel and DC comics gods will give more badass factor to women.

Nonetheless this new superhero movie delves into a multidimensional world which both Inception and Interstellar only managed to tentatively touch, all the while providing great fight scenes and humour. Although it may confuse you or make you question your sobriety, it will certainly not disappoint you.


Image: Bago Games; Flickr

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