Does TCA sportswear pass the Lifestyle Section test?

TCA Sportswear is the perfect solution to all of your top-quality athleisure needs. With a range of products from “Tees&Tanks” to “Hoodies&Gillets” and a plethora of products in both their Male and Female sections, they’ve got you covered whether you’re an avid cross-country runner or more of a zen yoga-goer. One great advantage of their website is their ‘Shop by Activity’. Finding the best sportswear for the particular activity you enjoy can help ease the process of optimising your workout. All products are competitively priced and sizes range from XS – XL for women and S -XXL for the men. Most items also come in a variety of colours, meaning you can match your sports bra to your gym shoes or water bottle and feel totally put together, even at the sweatiest of times. 

The Lifestyle Section Editors have been lucky enough to sample some of TCA’s products and we’ve written a little review below. 

This article has been published in collaboration with TCA, but all opinions are our own. 

Ellie-Jo’s Review 

The sample I received from TCA was a pair of their Black MeshLuxe running leggings in a size S – I am usually a size 8-10 in gym wear. Their website sizing guide is a perfect tool for ensuring that you get the right fit, providing its customers with the equivalent UK size, and measurements for bust, waist and hips in cm. This meant that, for once, I was able to order a pair of leggings based on my actual measurements, rather than playing the classic ‘guessing game’ that comes hand-in-hand with shopping online. 

My first thought upon opening the leggings was that the material was soft and almost jersey-like, rather than the classic lycra that all my other running gear is made from. This meant that they were comfortable to wear all day in the library before heading to the gym in the evening, and the waistband fit perfectly without the need for an adjustable tie. Another handy component of these leggings is the discrete back pocket that is hidden away in the waistband, it was the perfect place to store my padlock key whilst running on the treadmill. The mesh at the base of the leggings also meant that they were flattering on the calf and they felt a lot more breathable than some of my other Nike and UnderArmour leggings. 

One downfall would be the length, as a relatively short girl (5’3″), these leggings were quite long, meaning that the material bunched up around my ankles. However, this is almost inevitable when shopping for leggings, unless I opt for a cropped pair – TCA’s Relentless Power Shorts would be perfect. Overall, in my opinion, the MeshLuxe leggings do what they say on the tin, in a comfortable and stylish way too!

Bryony’s Review

For the bigger bootied among us, finding a good fit on gym leggings can be a strenuous struggle. Blessing or curse, having an hour-glass figure can result in severely limiting the amount of sportswear products available to us. 

Sampling the Black MeshLuxe running leggings in a size L, I found that while the material was extremely comfortable, the leggings – like so many others – didn’t sit properly on my waist and I found them too large, thus creating that all too familiar ‘gap’. Being a common occurrence in many gym leggings, I did find that during my run on the treadmill, they fell down on my hips. 

Despite this, the material was amazingly comfortable, and its best asset is arguably its opaqueness. Unlike the gymwear from cheaper brands, the leggings never went thin and subsequently see-through during leg exercises (in other words, it passed the squat test with flying colours). The material also being slightly thicker was flattering against your skin, allowing it to be worn throughout all hours of the day, and the mesh detail brought that little bit of fashion to an otherwise sweaty gym session.

Overall, the MeshLuxe leggings made me feel content and secure both literally and in knowing that the material would remain non-transparent through every lunge, squat and dip. As soon as they include a waist tie, you can bet I will be purchasing from them again.

If you’re interested in investing in some of TCA’s wide range, check out their Instagram or website, Their new underground collection is up for sale now with a variety of fits and styles to suit you, however you like to work out! Other top selling products include the EQ Crop Tank and the Effortless Tank, if you’re looking for a top to go with your new MeshLuxe leggings, then this is a perfect match. The site also offers discount codes on orders over a certain amount – so why not treat yourself to a whole new fit this ‘summer-body-ready’ season?!

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