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Dolly Parton feat. Sia – Here I Am

ByMichelle Seel

Sep 29, 2018

Don’t forget about Dolly Parton just yet – she may be old (72) but she’s still making music. The American country queen best known for her hit singles ‘Jolene’ and ‘9 to 5’ has teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter Sia for the new song ‘Here I Am’. The track will feature on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Dumpling, which tells the story of a plus-size daughter entering a beauty pageant. This song may actually sound familiar – it was listed on Parton’s first hit record, Coat of Many Colors. While so many artists attempt to revive their musical fame by venturing into new electronic pop music, Parton luckily stays close to her old, familiar self. In the new version of the song, Parton and Sia’s angelic and perfectly suited voices melt together creating a truly meaningful piece of music – you can almost feel Parton and Sia watching over you.

Image: pipilongstockings via Flickr

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