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Don’t Drop the Baby

ByAlex Axenbeck

Sep 25, 2014
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This way-too-visual show gets in your face about issues dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Primarily it focuses on the realities of parenthood, particularly fatherhood. It is surprisingly informative and the two main midwives on the show offer wonderful guidance for any mother- or father-to-be.

Any woman is bound to enjoy watching the new fathers, Shane and Martyn, try their hand at the gruelling tasks every woman must undergo when expecting, delivering and caring for a baby. According to a BBC poll, about 50 per cent of UK fathers do not feel prepared for the birth of their child, this is definitely made clear through the examples of Shane and Martyn throughout the programme. This opening episode is bound to make you laugh, cringe and possibly loose faith in men’s  ability to make capable parents.

However, if nothing else, the fathers do put in an extraordinary effort to learn about parenthood and they seem to commit to their job fully, tossing out all notions of pride and gender roles. Shane even wishes to deliver the baby himself; taking over from the doctor as he says “I don’t want any other man seeing that”. Nevertheless, he comes to his senses and changes his mind after the midwives allow him to practice on a simulator doll, which unsurprisingly puts him right off.

Don’t Drop the Baby is definitely not an appropriate show to watch with your own parents, due to the overwhelming awkwardness, as well as perhaps some unwanted questions that would follow. It does, however, guarantee a laugh.

It would make a great show to watch cuddled on the sofa with your flat mates or your special someone, especially if you were trying to create a new form of contraception: any university student will be sure to be safe for at least ten years after watching this. So be sure to catch it next Thursday night at 9pm on BBC 3.

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