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“Don’t Panic”: advice for freshers

ByLifestyle Editors

Sep 23, 2017

Being a Fresher is amazing but can be overwhelming, some Lifestyle writers share advice that they wish they had known during their first year of university. 

We’re often told that Fresher’s week will be the best week of your life, however, don’t feel alone if your first week at Uni doesn’t live up to this expectation. You might expect to have an amazing time and make friends for life, but the reality can be stressful and quite overwhelming. Don’t panic if you haven’t found ‘your people’ yet as most others will be feeling just as uncomfortable, homesick, and, confused, as you are. There might be times when you feel more tired than you thought humanly possible and want to go home, but you’re going to be fine. University is really fun-just give it time, take care of yourself and drink lots of water. Rose Brookfield

If I had to give advice to my first-year self, it would be to relax. I’d remind myself to breathe, to think things through and to take it one day at a time. First year, as I imagine it is for most people, was hectic and overwhelming at times. I wish that I could’ve taken a moment to see the big picture and realise that those problems that I was dealing with wouldn’t be around forever. I would tell myself to get out more, join some societies, and do my best to embrace the university lifestyle.  Lucia Villegas 

The transition to university will be difficult, but most definitely worth the hassle. Join societies and get involved, you’ll meet amazing people. If you do the work now then you won’t have to do it later, trust me you’ll be grateful. If you’re struggling, in any shape or form, speak to your Personal Tutor or Student Support, they’re there to help. And enjoy yourself: university is amazing, I promise. Katharine Cook

Other than gifting you the ubiquitous ‘don’t sleep with your flatmate’ line what can a second-year offer you in terms of advice? University is likely to take a toll on your mental health, it may not appear straight away, but eventually everyone is affected. Invest time in your wellbeing; self-care is important. Don’t overly rely on the University but contact them if you’re struggling they’ll help you take action. You have 11 weeks in semester one, exams approach quicker than you’d expect, starting now (or at least more than a week before exams) is the way to go. Good Luck!  Molly Carson


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