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Dress to Impress: Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show is back this March

ByJasmina Kerla

Feb 29, 2016

On Friday, March 11 2016, the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show (ECFS) will try to outdo last year’s spectacular show and prove that it is one of the most exciting student-led projects in Edinburgh. This year’s theme is ‘Urban Edinburgh’ and it places the spotlight on the prevailing problem of homelessness. Compared to previous years’ grand venues, there is a change of pace. The difference between Usher Hall and the smaller Biscuit Factory is a step in an unusual direction. With a much smaller committee of just 22 members at the helm, it seems to be a year of changes and re-branding.

Karina Mazur, the head of ECFS PR, revealed that the pressure on this year’s show is definitely a good one: “The Biscuit Factory, without giving too much away, is going to look really cool; it’s something different, and I think we’ve ticked all the right boxes in that sense. Sometimes having a big venue isn’t all that”. She also promises a more serious approach this time around: “It’s more focused on creativity, more focused on the different kinds of things that happen. The show itself is going to be fashion, but there’s also going to be music [and an] art display. It’s going to be very cool, and it kind of brings everything together”.

The committee has chosen The Rock Trust charity, which ties in with the urban concept of the show and helps young people between the ages of 16-25 in Edinburgh and the Lothians who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Apart from the fashion show itself, ECFS organises various events to promote the cause and raise money. This year, the committee planned a sleep-out in St Andrew Square, where people spent 12 hours sleeping outside to help raise funds for the Rock Trust. They also had a free coffee handout outside the library to promote the charity. ECFS is not only about the show; it is about creating awareness about current issues.

Being the most successful student fashion show in the UK, there are sure to be others who will try to emulate and create something similar. Cambridge and Glasgow have recently organised their own fashion shows, creating some friendly competition. Karina tells us that it is all in good nature because “at the end of the day, it’s good that we’re influencing and setting the bar in terms of bringing creativity and combining that with a good cause that’s really important”.

To feed into the youthful and urban vibe, Topshop will be providing different products as well as clothing and makeup for use in the show. But it is not all about big brands; ECFS works with up-and-coming companies as well, providing a great platform for them while also supporting a charitable organisation.

If all of this has made you think about joining the team, do not hesitate. ECFS is always looking for fresh faces not only on the runway, but behind the scenes as well. Whether you enjoy coming up with new creative ideas or would like to volunteer your time to promote the charity, there is a space for you: “The reason behind the show’s success is in the interest from people going into first year now, that will always continue and progress”, assures Mazur.

All in all, it looks set to be an amazing show, including good music, talented artists, models, and new designers. ECFS provides a great opportunity for these elements to come together and create something unique that is characteristic of Edinburgh. And what is this year’s surprise holding for us? Well, you will have to come and see that for yourself.


Image: Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show [Facebook]

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