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Dress to impress this Halloween

ByRose Brookfield

Oct 15, 2017

The spookiest day of the year is steadily approaching. Halloween is the one night you can dress as anything you please (within reason, of course). This year, however, why not break away from generic tradition and dress to really impress? Here are some cheap, simple costume ideas which can act as great conversations starters and will make you the talk of Edinburgh.

If you really want to buck the trend this Halloween, dress up as The Statue of David Hume. For this original costume all you need is an all silver outfit and a pair of flip flops. Have a root around for that one lonely sock we all seem to own and cut out a hole for your big toe (preferably on your right foot). Spray paint the naked toe Gold and voila, you are the ancient statue of David Hume whose toe has been rubbed for over a hundred years by passers-by in the hope of gaining a bit of luck and knowledge.

All of the supplies for this funky outfit can be found at Edinburgh’s ‘Party Zone’ shop otherwise known as anycostume.co.uk. Located next to the Edinburgh Bargain store on St. Patrick Square, the store boasts some fairly-priced accessories. Although if you’re feeling like splashing out, there are other more pricey costumes on offer, such as a fried egg suit, at £19.99.

If you feel like getting political, a trio could happily make the most of the skeleton in Theresa May’s closet, by going as a sheave of wheat, the PM herself, and an angry farmer. This costume is pretty straightforward; firstly, you’ll need a pant suit (which can no doubt be found in one of the many treasure trove charity shops Nicholson street has to offer), some cardboard and a bit of paint to make some wheat sheafs and finally a flat cap, denim jeans or dungarees which will hopefully translate as a stereotypical farmer.

If the thought of breaking from tradition sounds like a struggle and you already own the classic cat, or mouse ears, you may consider going as the Simpsons most underrated horrific duo: Itchy and Scratchy. If you cut yourself a mock chainsaw out of cardboard or buy some novelty pop-out eye glasses (available at Edinburgh’s novelty shop ‘Ah Ha Ha’ located on Bow Street) you can amplify your generic cat and mouse costume and be the life of the party.

Finally, why not jazz up your Halloween by getting a group of friends involved in a game of ‘spin the costume’. This entails writing down your most audacious costume idea, putting it in a hat and spinning a bottle. Whoever the bottle stops on picks a costume out of the hat. The only rule is, no matter what the idea, you have to dress up as it.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

image: Fotomek via pixabay

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