‘Edifess’ post confession referencing Holocaust extermination camps

Only a week after Holocaust Memorial Day, ‘Edifess’, the Edinburgh Anonymous confession Facebook group posted a crude confession referring to the bus commute to the University of Edinburgh’s King’s Buildings Campus as ‘doing its best impression of little Auschwitz every twenty minutes’. 

The post received over 130 reactions and nearly twenty comments, most appalled at the anonymous confessor’s laziness and advocating walking to the science and engineering campus. 

The only comment to pick up on the reference to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the concentration and extermination camp that saw the murder of over one million Jews and other groups, begins “imagine ever thinking u can compare a bus journey to Auschwitz…” and did receive a number of positive reactions. 

Auschwitz has become a central symbol in the collective memory of the Holocaust and has for decades been the site of memorial and museums that display the horrors of the genocide undertaken by the Nazis and their collaborators. 

The ‘Edifess’ post also follows a recent report by the EU Agency for Fundamental rights that found almost 90% of Jews living across Europe felt that occurrences of antisemitism had risen in the past five years, including the Jewish communities in the UK and Scotland who are ‘actively considering’ leaving the country. 

Holocaust Memorial Day, on the 27th of January each year, seeks to remember the millions murdered by Nazis persecution and of subsequent genocides, the theme for 2019 is ‘Torn from Home’. 


Image: Anders Thirsgaard Rasmussen via Flickr

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