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Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show invites you to the Circus

ByAnnie Muggoch

Oct 26, 2017

It’s going to be nothing like ECFS has done before…” The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show (ECFS) has, once again, hit the ground running.

The grandeur of last year’s show is set to continue, with Dynamic Earth being the chosen location for the spectacle in March 2018. With endless technical capabilities, Dynamic Earth will transport you into a world of live music, performers, state of the art lighting and projections, alongside the spectacular catwalk show. The theme for “The Greatest Show on Earth” is circus. Taking a modern approach to the traditional theme, the show plans to exhibit bold fashion to encapsulate the diversity and sense of delight of a traditional circus.

With less than six months to go, the committee are working hard to put together a powerful and captivating exhibition. The Chairwoman, Lucy Hyland, said, “there is always pressure, regardless of the venue but we really wanted to make this year stand out from previous shows.”

I have no doubt that this show will raise the bar even higher than previous years. If you attended last year’s show, you will know that the event never disappoints, providing a mesmerising blend of fashion, music and pure creativity.

This annual event provides students with the opportunity to showcase their talent in terms of design, photography and production, however the show’s primary objective is to raise money for charity. Last year, the show raised an incredible £23,500 for the highly deserving charity ‘Place2Be’. The circus theme aims to inspire us to be fearless in our individuality, encouraging us to stand out and push the boundaries through fashion. The Creative Director, Sophia Dowson-Collins, felt that the chosen charity perfectly represented the vision for the show.

The committee are proud to announce that their charitable partner is ‘Super Power Agency’. This local charity aims to increase and improve creativity and literacy rates amongst children in Edinburgh’s most deprived areas. ‘Super Power Agency’ is a new charity, but one that inspired the committee. The Chairwoman and Vice-Chairwoman, Lucy Hyland and Suzie Nash, both felt that the smaller charity would benefit significantly from the money raised from ECFS, in getting their organisation off the ground.

The circus themed show has given Creative Director, Dowson-Collins, the chance to create a fantastical world inspired by marvellous magic, diversity and romance. The circus was a time of discovery, where extravagance and controversy was celebrated. With society currently tackling major issues, this show allows the audience to reflect upon the ‘ever-changing language of current life and times’. ECFS has a powerful and influential impact upon students and the community, therefore the committee are determined to ensure the success of the show.

Model castings will be held on the 11 and 12 November at the ‘Whistle Stop Barber Shop’ from 10-3 on both days. With this date and the launch fast approaching, now is the time to get involved.

“The more the merrier…People’s differences are extraordinary,” says Sophia, so do not hesitate to put yourself out there. Vice-chairwoman Suzie Nash added, “We love being a part of the show because it allows us to meet new, incredibly talented and smart people who in turn inspire us.”

There are numerous charitable events due to take place throughout the year, the first to look out for is the Launch Party on the 8 November at ‘The Mash House’.  The committee say “there is no dress code but personally we are going to be try and be on theme, so expect a lot of glitter.” Ladies and Gentlemen step right up, to see if ECFS 2018 truly could bring us “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

All tickets for upcoming events can be purchased at https://fixr.co/event/466519617. If you want to learn more you can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EdiFashionShow/ or their Instagram account at _ecfs_.

Image: jackmac34 via pixabay

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