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Edinburgh nightlife: Which night, which club?

ByRosie Duckworth

Sep 27, 2017

The most popular night to kick start the week tends to be Why Not Mondays, featuring chart music in the main room and a selection of grime and hip-hop in the LED room. Cheap drinks from £1 and entry only £5 make this a popular choice, especially among first years. However, it is usually pretty hectic so a better place can be Bourbon. Fiktion is new, with £1 shots, £1.50 mixers and £5 entry. The theme is fantasia/psychedelic, and with a ball pit this is a night out different to any other right now. Music is anything from charts and club anthems to hip hop and RnB, so there is something for everyone.

Tuesday is more alternative, with house, funk and soul at Hectors House (Cabaret Voltaire). With entry at only £5, this can be a good change from typical club nights. Milk at Opal is another good choice, with hip-hop and disco music and free guest list entry before 11. Both are a nice break from the usual cheese or charts.

Wednesday is usually sports social night, with Creme Soda at Lulu’s and Love Wednesday at Why Not being popular choices. Both offer cheap drinks from £1 and will be mostly be populated by students. Why Not entry is £5 before 12, and Lulu’s is £5 or £4 on a guest list, meaning that neither requires wasting your money on entry, leaving more for drinks or drunk food. A solid choice is also Hive, with free entry and cheese and charts with drinks from just £1. Despite its sticky floors, Hive is a great night where you are guaranteed to meet new people.

Thursday nights are good at both Rascals at Bourbon and Silk. Rascals is a hip-hop themed night with drinks from £1 and is always busy. Silk has three floors of music, with free guest list and £5 general entry. Targeted towards and run by students, Rascals at Bourbon is a particularly good choice for a Thursday night.

Friday nights have a good range, with Propaganda, Broke and Fly Club. Propaganda at Liquid Rooms is an indie night with £5 entry and £1 drinks, so is a good choice as an alternative night. The music is well known, and the outside smoking area is probably the best in Edinburgh. Atik is the new Cav, so Broke is a choice for a more typical club night. Music is anything from house and electro to charts and cheese across three rooms. Entry is only £2 for students, and drinks are from £1, meaning it won’t break the bank. Finally, Fly Club at Cab Vol is a good option for those who enjoy house and techno music.

The infamous Big Cheese at Potterrow is, of course, the place to be for students on a Saturday night.  As the name suggests the music is pure cheese and worth the long queue. Almost everywhere else in Edinburgh has a night on a Saturday, so if cheesy music is not your thing then there are other options, although prices tend to be higher. If you’re up for a Sunday Sesh then the place to be is Hive. It is the only place actually open on a Sunday and offers a range of music from student anthems to rock and indie. Free entry and £1 drinks make this a great night for those prepared to start the week with a hangover!

There are of course other places in town offering different nights, depending on what you are looking for. Places such as Sneaky Pete’s, Garibaldis and the new Please Don’t Tell are more like bars, offering a smaller venue that still has a club area, but is less of a club night for those who want a more chilled night. For classier affairs, Tigerlily is a luxurious bar that is perfect for cocktails for special occasions.

No matter the night of the week, there is always somewhere to let your hair down in Edinburgh.


image: stux via pixabay


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