Edinburgh University Canoe Club undertake 1000 mile fundraiser for Scottish Mountain Rescue.

From the 30th May to 5th June, Edinburgh University Canoe Club members will be attempting to travel a collective 1000 miles via non-motorised modes of transport to raise funds for Scottish Mountain Rescue. 

The distance of 1000 miles was chosen as this is the distance the club would have had to travel for their annual trip to the Alps, which has unfortunately been cancelled for the first time since 1987, due to the  global outbreak of Coronavirus and the travel restrictions this has put in place. Nonetheless, this hasn’t dampened spirits within the club, as they now attempt to set themselves a new challenge and adapt as best they can to the unusual circumstances in which we all find ourselves. 

The club has also been encouraging other Scottish University Canoe and Kayaking Clubs to take up the challenge and will be racing against clubs from Strathclyde, Glasgow, and St Andrews to name a few. It’s reassuring to see that despite the absence of competitive sport in the usual sense, the club has found a way to not only raise money for a worthwhile cause, but do so in a competitive spirit. 

Hopefully this can be an inspiration for other clubs across the university, which have been unable to take part in their usual array of activities and events. 

Each university has pledged to donate all of their donations to a different charity, and Edinburgh University Canoe Club have chosen Scottish Mountain Rescue as their charity of choice as it one very close to their hearts.

The club has stated “We aim to raise as much money as possible to help and thank Scottish Mountain Rescue’s amazing work across the beautiful Scottish wilderness, which we as a club value so much. Without their help, keeping paddlers like us safe, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the river rapids, wild waves and muddy mountain tops the way we do.” 

Scottish Mountain Rescue is comprised of 24 different Mountain Rescue Teams made up of highly trained volunteers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to all kinds of emergencies. They do invaluable work to keep people safe in mountainous and remote communities all across Scotland. 

The University Canoe Club is especially appreciative of the selfless work they do given that the nature of their sport puts them at risk in these very conditions, and they hope to see some generous support in return. 

To follow the club’s progress and donate to this amazing cause, readers can visit the Edinburgh University Canoe Club JustGiving page and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Image Rights: Rhiannon Gil