• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s events are underrated, and here’s why

Location: Most events are held on the George Square campus, making them a short distance for most students at the University of Edinburgh. This makes any walk shorter or any taxi ride cheaper, leaving you more money and time with which to enjoy your night.

Cost: Edinburgh University Students’ Association cater their events specifically for students, and therefore take into account the student budget. Kiss goodbye to overpriced vodka mixers and £10 entry, Edinburgh University Students’ Association has you covered.

Themes: There are a huge variety of themed nights which give you and your pals a chance to dress up in some ridiculous costumes. Between last week’s Massaoke (goodies versus baddies) and the upcoming Halloween events: Teviot House of Horrors, a Rocky Horror Picture Show Sing Along and Potterrow’s Hallowrave, Edinburgh University Students’ Association are sure to give you an excuse to break out the glitter and fake blood.

Student Centred: The events are not only planned for students, they’re often run by students. Edinburgh University Students’ Association employ a vast number of students to help out at the box office, behind the bar or as security at their events. Therefore going to the events isn’t just an excuse to go out and enjoy yourself, but it’s also an opportunity to support fellow students and, more importantly, piss off any of your friends that are working the shift.


image: naramfigueiredo via Pixabay

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