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Edinburgh’s Chilean community solidarity protests

ByRory Biggs O’May

Oct 30, 2019

On Thursday afternoon, the Edinburgh Chilean community came together in Bristo Square to show their solidarity with the protesters in Chile.

With 21 confirmed deaths and many more people missing, international concern regarding the situation in Chile is increasing rapidly.

The Student spoke with Lucia Castillo, one of the event’s organisers, who explained that the demonstration sought to urge the British Government to take decisive action in response to the Chilean Government’s mobilisation of their military in a “violent reaction” to the civilian protesters.

Castillo explained that the demonstration and the broader Chilean Solidarity Campaign aims to urge the British government to publish an International Human Rights Warning and force the Chilean Government to respond by stopping the “lethally violent techniques” currently being used by the soldiers in the streets.

The demonstrations are being held across many major European cities, such as Paris and Berlin, sparking responses within the respective governments.

The French Deputy Alexis Corbiere has asked the French Government to withdraw its participation in the Cop25 conference, held in Santiago in December, unless the Chilean government removes its troops from the cities. This move is hailed by Castillo as an example of how governments should respond to the situation.

Songs, drums, and chants drew attention from passers-by to the community’s plight.

The Chilean Solidarity Campaign claimed that going forward, they will be holding discussion groups (Tuesday 22 October and Saturday 26 October) around Edinburgh, and will be continuing to display its support for the Chilean rebels until the government ends their “violent reaction.”


Image: Rory Biggs O’May

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