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Edinburgh’s cosiest coffee shops

ByLucia Villegas

Nov 12, 2017

As the exam period approaches, stress levels are rising and temperatures are dropping. There’s not much to do apart from knuckle down and start studying, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a warm and cosy environment.

Here are four of Edinburgh’s best hideaways to hunker down in and get to work.

Lovecrumbs – 155 West Port

This gem is located near Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) building and is a favourite haunt for art students. But whether you study Architecture or Biomed, Lovecrumbs is a quirky spot that’s perfect for both a quick gab with friends or a 3-hour study session. With cakes frosted to perfection (check out their Instagram @hellolovecrumbs) and toast with jam for the more sensible folk, there’s a little something for everyone. Also make sure not to miss their impressive tea collection – my personal favourite is the marigold and lemongrass.

Kilimanjaro – 104 Nicolson St

Looking for something a little hardier? Kilimanjaro has probably got it. With a menu boasting 9 different brunch options, and a variety of drinks including smoothies and coffees, you’ll be struggling to decide what to order. The huge windows give the space an airy atmosphere and let you observe the passers-by while chowing down on some brain food. Kilimanjaro is located 5 minutes away from George square, making it the perfect midday getaway.

Black Medicine Coffee – 2 Nicolson St

This option could almost be considered a cult classic judging by the number of students you can find swarming the place at any given moment. The establishment gives off some serious Twin Peaks vibes, so prepare yourself for a damn fine cup of coffee. Rustic and woodsy, this is the perfect spot to get down to some serious work. Just call yourself a regular Audrey Horne.

Checkpoint – 3 Bristo Pl

Feeling a little fancy? Want to be surrounded by beautiful people talking about beautiful things while eating some beautiful food? Checkpoint is the place for you. It’s the ideal coffee shop – open spaces, high ceilings, a memo board coffee menu, avocado and poached eggs galore, and (this is the best bit) a shipping container. It’s the perfect place to dive into your books and get rid of any exam stress.

image: Myriams-Fotos via Pixabay

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