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Election Results 2017

ByEllen Blunsdon

Mar 25, 2017

Patrick Kilduff elected as President with a 1,995 vote majority

The Presidential race was won by third year Politics student, Patrick Kilduff, with 1,995 votes.

Winning against fourth year Anthropology and Archeology student, Beth Harris, Kilduff’s manifesto focuses on a wide range of student issues from timetables to liberation. Specifically, he promises to lobby for the introduction of a digital study space tracker, an online roadmap for deadlines, subject specific subsidies and presidential office hours.

“I’m extremely proud of all the work the whole team did to make this happen,” Kilduff told The Student after his win, “and I’m so excited to get on with the job.  I still can’t quite believe it’s happened but now I just can’t wait to get started.”

“The relief of winning, knowing how happy it made the team and seeing my mum and campaign manager cry with happiness certainly made it feel extra special.  It’s a horrible cliche but it truly was an unforgettable experience and moment,” he continued.

“We managed to create a well organised campaign that had energy and excitement at its core. I was standing on the shoulders of giants, I know that much; the people around me amazed me everyday with their love, passion and drive.

“By the end I felt really positive (and exhausted).  I had no idea I would win but I knew I couldn’t have given any more, done anything differently or regretted any aspect of the campaign, so it was out of my hands,” he concluded.

Bobi Archer elected Vice President Education with 1,663 vote majority

Bobi Archer was elected as Vice President Education with 1,663 votes. Using the Single Transferable Vote system, the fourth year Mathematics student narrowly won the category ahead of candidates Geir Darge, James K Puchowski, Baber Rasheed and Oli Perkins, who came second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Shortly after the election, Archer spoke to The Student about her win. “To be completely honest, it’s still processing in my mind, and it doesn’t quite feel real yet,” she said. “However, I’m ecstatic and I’m so excited to get started in the role.

Oliver Glick elected Vice President Community with 2,063 majority

Next year’s Vice President Community will be fourth year Philosophy and Maths student Oliver Glick. He won his campaign with 2063 votes against second year Geography student Immie Terry.

A founder of Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op and active member of The Shrub, Glick promises to improve student housing, make cycling safer, run collective events for different faith groups and support student led initiatives.

Esther Dominy elected as Vice President Welfare with 1,407  majority

Esther Dominy achieved 1,407 votes and was elected as Vice President Welfare.  Speaking on her win, Dominy told The Student that she is “very grateful to everyone who helped me throughout the week.”

“It’s been the most exhausting week of my life but very worthwhile,” she continued, “Really glad to have been able to speak to so many students about issues I care about, and the tone was always really positive between all the candidates.”

Kai O’Doherty elected Vice President Activities and Services of Students’ Association with 1,560 vote majority

Former LGBT+ Convenor, Kai O’Doherty, was elected as Vice President Activities and Societies. O’Doherty received 1,560 votes, winning against fellow candidate, Eve Thomas-Davies.

The postgraduate Public Policy student’s manifesto promises to improve gender-neutral facilities and accessibility to societies across campus while reducing food waste, lowering union food costs and encouraging greater connections between student groups and the wider community.

Speaking to The Student after their win, O’Doherty said: “I’m feeling incredibly humbled and in shock after being elected – it honestly still doesn’t feel quite real.

“Last night was such a whirlwind, but I most enjoyed having a chance to thank my incredible campaign team with many hugs and a whole lot of prosecco”, they concluded.

Kathryn Pearson, Delphi Macpherson, Chloë Marvin, and Diva Mukherji elected as Liberation Officers of the Students’ Association for 2017/2018

Kathryn Pearson, third year Social Policy and Politics student, gained 297 votes, beating Isla Whateley for the role of Women’s Officer.

Speaking to The Student, Pearson said: “I’m super excited and have lots of plans for Freshers’ Week [Welcome Week] bubbling in my head. However, Sexpression Edinburgh, a society which I’m very involved with, is coordinating a Sexual Health and Awareness week with EUSA [The Students’ Association] and the Advice Place at the end of March so I am just focusing on that right now.”

With 193 votes, Chloe Marvin was elected as Disabled Students’ Officer. 

“I’m absolutely over the moon about being elected,” the Social Policy and Politics third year told The Student, “This role really means a lot to me on a personal level as I wouldn’t have been open about my mental and physical health conditions even a year ago,” Marvin told The Student.

Third year Sociology student Delphi Macpherson was elected as LGBT+ Officer with 190 votes.  Reflecting on the campaign, Macpherson told The Student: “I had such an amazing team of friends helping me with posters and social media campaigns, my girlfriend made me some lush meals and kept me grounded when I was stressed.

“The night was so overwhelming because every role was filled by passionate and like-minded people and I really think they’re going to achieve progressive things within the Students’ Association.”

This year’s Black & Minority Ethnic Officer will be Diva Mukherji. The third year Sociology and Social Anthropology student won her category gaining 117 votes. She told The Student: “I’m still a little in shock about the win, I think largely because of how dramatic the entire event was, and that my category was one of the last to be announced, but it was so so amazing as well because I had such a great group of people there to support me and it really just reminded me of how much I wanted this role.”

Image: Ellen Blunsdon

By Ellen Blunsdon

Former President, Treasurer, Head Copy Editor, Editor-in-Chief and News Editor. Retired History and Politics student.

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