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Election Results 2017: Live Updates!

The Student brings you up to date coverage of this year’s snap general election.  For discussions on the exit polls, results and even more election fun keep an eye on this article or follow us on Twitter @TheStudentPaper.

06:42: Final results in Scotland – SNP 35 seats, Conservatives 13, Labour 7, Lib Dems 4.

06:30 North East Fife re-elects SNP’s Stephen Gethins with just two more votes than the Liberal Democrat’s Elizabeth Riches.

06:22: Speculation about a possible coalition between Conservatives and DUP.

06:20: Paul Farelly is re-elected as MP for Newcastle-Under-Lyme with over 20,000 votes after students contraversially turned away from polls.

06:08: Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas wins party one and only seat in Brighton Pavillion.

06:06: Calls for May to resign strengthened as hung parliament is announced.

05:52: As Labour win in Southampton, the Conservatives are now unable to reach a majority government.

05:50: 20 seats to go, the Conservatives are on 306, Labour at 257 and the SNP at 34.

05:33: Hung parliament looking even more likely as the Conservatives receive less seats than expected.

05:24: Conservative media silence due to significant losses.

05:21: BBC forecast predicts the Conservatives will be short by eight seats.

05:06: Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said, “indyref 2 is dead in Scotland”

04:54: Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd retains seat.

04:42: 90 seats left, the Conservatives need 57 of these for a majority.

04:30: BBC projected national voting share – Conservative 43 per cent, Labour 40 per cent, Lib Dems 8 per cent, 2 per cent UKIP, 2 per cent Green.

04:25: Scottish voting share so far – SNP 33 seats, Conservatives 10, Labour 7, Lib Dem 3.

04:19: Former SNP leader Alex Salmond loses Gordon seat to the Conservatives.

04:18: Conservatives begin to pull ahead with 236 seats.

04:12: Labour’s Ian Murray holds the Edinburgh South seat.

04:11: Lib Dems gain Edinburgh West from the SNP.

04:04: Conservative and Labour both on 220 seats as 4am passes.

03:28: Lib Dem leader Tim Farron retains seat.

03:26 BBC revise predictions, Conservatives now forecasted to achieve 318 seats.

03:18: Prime Minister Theresa May wins Maidenhead seat with 37,000 votes.

May also thanks the police in her speech as well as the people of Maidenhead.

03:16: Labour expected to win Canterbury seat, a Tory strong hold since 1918.

03:15: 15 per cent swing Aberdeen South from SNP to the Conservatives.

03:14: Labour steals East Lothian seat from the SNP.

03:11: Corbyn hints that May should step down in wake of Conservative losses.

03:05: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wins seat with over 40,000 votes.  He thanks the police, his family and his constituents in his speech.

“I am very very proud of the campaign our party has run.”

03:03: Shock result as Labour gain strong Conservative seat from Ben Gummer, predicted ‘Brexit Secretary’.

03:01: Former Labour leader Ed Milliband re-elected.

02:58: Labour takes Glasgow North East from the SNP.

02:54: Vince Cable regains Twickenham seat.

02:43: Michael Gove re-elected as former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg loses his seat.

02:39: Conservatives make even more surprise gains in Scotland.

02:25: Conservatives make more surprise gains in Scotland.

02:24: BBC turn exit poll into a forecast predicting that the Conservatives will fail to reach 326 seat majoirty with 322.

02:18: The Conservatives take Moray from the SNP in 14 per cent swing.  SNP Westminister leader Angus Roberton loses seat.

02:16: Senior Conservatives accept they will not achieve an overall majoirty as Jeremy Corbyn achieves the “biggest political upset in many many years”, the BBC reports.

02:10: 100 seats now declared, Labour are taking seats from the Conservatives while the SNP are losing their Scottish majoirty.

02:09: SNP “holding on to seats by their fingernails”, the BBC reports.

02:06: Labour continue to make gains from the Conservatives.

02:02: Financial Secretary to the Treasurer defeated by Labour.

01:56: Labour sources confident about making gains in key Conservative seats, the BBC reports.

01:53: Conservatives gain in Angus with 16 per cent swing as SNP majority continues to fall.

01:53: Labour now hold 31 seats, the Conservative have 22, the SNP have four, the Democratic Unionist Party have two.

01:47: Democratic Unionist Party win two seats in Northern Ireland.

01:44: SNP re-elected in Dunbartonshire West.

01:40: Conservatives hold Putney and Havant seats while Labour hold Warley seat.

01:39: Labour gain from the Conservatives in Wales’ Vale of Clywd.

01:38: BBC reporting 1 per cent swing from Conservative to Labour.

01:34: Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson re-elected.

01:31: West Bromwich East elects Labour candidate while Conservatives hold Chelmsford seat.

01:30: Paisley & Renfrewshire re-elects Mhairi Black as SNP wins first seat of the evening

01:25: Labour make first gain from the SNP in Rutherglen and hold seats in Leigh, Tooting and Halton.

01:14: Conservative Andrew Jones re-elected in Harrogate.

01:09: Wrexham re-elects Labour’s Ian Lucas.

01:07: Conservative Robert Buckland wins Swindon South seat with 24,809 votes.

00:51: Labour win Darlington and South Shields seats.

00:46: Conservative John Baron elected for Basildon & Billericay.

00:42: Labour wins holds onto their Workington seat as Sue Hayman is re-elected.

00:37: The Conservatives also hold onto the Broxbourne seat.

00:36: Nuneaton elects Conservative MP Marcus Jones.

00:30: Conservatives hold onto Kettering seat.

23:57: First Conservative MP elected in Swindon North.

23:56: Nick Brown wins another seat for Labour in Newcastle East.

23:45: Labour wins in Sunderland Central with 25,056 votes to the Conservatives 15,059.

23:41: Lib Dems categorically reject the possibility of a coalition government, the BBC reports.

23:39: Former SNP leader Alex Salmond expected to lose Gordon seat to the Conservatives.

23:06: Houghton and Sunderland results, Labour’s Bridget Phillipson wins the party a second seat.

23:00: First results are in!  Chi Onwurah of Labour has won in Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central with 24,071 votes with 2.1 per cent swing.

22:42: 90 per cent chance of the SNP losing Edinburgh West to the Lib Dems, according to the BBC.

22:28: Pound falls by 2 per cent against the euro and US dollar following the predicted hung parliament.

22:00: The exit poll results have predicted the Conservatives will continue to be the largest party in Westminster but will fall short of an overall majority.

The Conservatives are expected to gain 314 seats (down 12) while Labour will win 266.  The SNP are also expected to lose a large proportion of their seats.

This is a developing news story.

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