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Emergency repair work on central campus to affect exams and study facilities

ByMei Futonaka

Dec 9, 2017
Image: Strevo

An urgent email was sent out to all students at the University on Friday evening, informing of an “emergency repair work on an underground heating pipe located in the central area of the campus” that is to be carried out over this weekend.

This emergency repair work is to have a significant impact, as students prepare for end-of-semester exams in the coming days.

The email stated that a number of exams scheduled for this Saturday are to be relocated to alternative venues, urging students to check their emails in case of such a change.

Students in University accommodation at Buccleuch Place and Ascham are also to be affected by the emergency, with arrangements being made to provide additional heaters and shower facilities for all residents at the relevant accommodation buildings.

The greatest impact that this repair will have is the closure of the Main Library from 9:00AM on Sunday morning till 9:00AM on Monday morning. This culminates to a full 24 hours where the library is shut down, already assumed to be a significant hindrance for students preparing for their exams this month.

In the email, Gain Douglas, Deputy Secretary of Student Experience, suggested that students may want to “consider studying from home or at an alternative location on Sunday” as the available facilities on campus are expected to be quite busy.

Douglas has expressed his apologies “for the disruption and inconvenience that these changes will cause.

“The heating problem we need to fix is an unexpected but very significant one, and by tackling this work over the weekend we hope to have the affected areas back to normal for Monday morning.”

Students are advised to keep themselves updated through the University’s social media outlets as well as individual emails regarding new information on this matter.

Sarah Aron, a second year International Relations student, spoke to The Student about her frustration at the unfortunate news: “It really isn’t the best time for the library to be closed down for a whole day, but presumably this was an unintentional matter, and students will simply have to deal with the situation.”


For those who have any queries about their exam schedules on Saturday, please email studentsystems@ed.ac.uk


Image Credit: Strevo

By Mei Futonaka

News Editor 3rd year International Relations student

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