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Erol Alkan & JD Twitch

ByRoss Devlin

Nov 11, 2014
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Sneaky Pete’s, 30/10/14

It was the night before Halloween, and Cowgate was alive with the whoops and hollers of ghosts, witches, undead nurses, men and women in drag, and way too many terrible puns. Sneaky Pete’s was fully embracing the Halloween spirit, and the Edinburgh haunt was punching way above its weight class, overflowing with people lost in the music and smoke of the moment. The speakers were so loud I’m certain that patrons of the black-tie Italian restaurant a few floors above could see their silverware rattling on the linen. What else is new?

Two favorites of the club were on the bill tonight: JD Twitch, who is one half of Glasgow’s Godzilla-level DJ duo Optimo, and Phantasy records head Erol Alkan. The poster hanging outside announced their names in bold against a black background, but these two DJs hardly needed any introduction as every time the door swung open Alkan’s signature blast of electro beats and acid techno crystallized on the pavement. Known to me only as the mentor to Daniel Avery, who released one of my favourite electronic albums last year, I was eager to hear one of Alkan’s sets, and doubly eager to party with JD Twitch again, who dropped consistently good tracks at a relentless pace during his set.

Despite its half-pint capacity and reputation for exceeding “edginess” (totally unfounded, considering your dad probably went there in his day), Sneaky Pete’s proved once again to be the best place in Edinburgh to get down, although everyone in the club could tell this night was a particularly special one. The drinks were cheap and overflowing. The sound system was immersive. The dance floor was bubbling with blood-stained happy faces. The bouncers were sympathetic. The moon was bright. What else is new?

By Ross Devlin


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