EUSA Elections 2022 News

EUSA full election results announced

With the calling of the presidential race for Niamh Roberts on Friday, 18 March, Edinburgh University Students’ Association’s 2022/23 Sabbatical officer team has fully been announced.

President: Niamh Roberts 
Vice President Activities & Services: Natalia Ellingham
Vice President Community: Isi Williams
Vice President Education: Sam MacCallum
Vice President Welfare: Lauren Byrne

Speaking to assembled candidates and Sabbatical officers after her win, Roberts, a 3rd year Sustainable Development student said she was excited to take on the role, and to bring in the ideas of other candidates.

Speaking to The Student after their win, Roberts said they were optimistic about the coming year.

“I’m feeling really good!

“I don’t know what it’s going to look like, but I’m looking forward to it.”

The announcement of the role of President was delayed by a week due to an investigation into a breach of electoral rules by one candidate, who on the 18th was announced to have been disqualified.

Hugh Beaumont came after Roberts, followed by Eda Inal, Jeremy Pestle, Frederik Mohr, Marco Garcia Mendez, and Hayth Hosnine.

The remainder of the Sabbatical Officer team, alongside new Liberation officers, activities representatives, and section representatives were announced on Friday, 11 March, in a results night event at Potterrow.

The event saw pre-recorded video portions of the results announcements, made by covid-isolating president Ellen MacRae, not played due to technical difficulties.

The issues meant that turnout was not announced publicly at the in-person event.

According to the ‘21-’22 Sabbatical Officer team, 4,220 students cast 47,870 votes this year. 

The new Vice President Welfare is Lauren Byrne, a 4th year Chemistry student who sat down with The Student last week.

Speaking to The Student after her win, Lauren said:

“I’m emotional! I’ve had adrenaline for so long, it’s nice to cool down.

“It’s so exciting, it means a lot! And it’s so exciting that it paid off!”

Lauren’s platform included improving campus mental health services and expanding access to wider participation services.

The new Vice President Education is Sam MacCallum, a Science Communication and Public Engagement masters’ student.

MacCallum, who sat down with The Student prior to the election, spoke to The Student after their win Friday night, where they said,

“I wasn’t expecting to win!

“Henrik [their main competitor] and I were campaigning a lot. He was very organized, it was a very close call.”

MacCallum, previously both a programme and a school representative, ran on a platform of increasing transparency from the university and making courses more accessible and inclusive.

The new Vice President Activities and Services (VPAS) is Natalia Ellingham, who will replace the outgoing Réka Siró.

Ellingham, who spoke with The Student before the elections, ran only against Re-open Nominations.

Upon being announced as winner of the position, Ellingham took to the stage, thanking her campaign manager and those who voted for her.

Her campaign focused on increasing the consistency of student support services and improving ease of access to campus social events.

The new Vice President Community is Isi Williams, a final year Sculpture student and former student representative, who ran unopposed.

After her win, she spoke to The Student, saying,

“An interesting one. I didn’t want to expect it [on the inevitable win against RON].

“I’m upset that I didn’t have the chance to win [against a real candidate].”

She ran on a platform of improving student support services, widening access to the University for working-class and otherwise marginalised students, and improving housing affordability.

She also spoke to The Student last week.

New occupants for the five Liberation Officer posts were also elected.

Hope Conway-Gebbie won the position of Women’s Officer, replacing now-presidential candidate Mukai Chigumba.

The position of Black and Minority Ethnic Officer went to Maryam Yusuf, and the position of Disabled Students Officer went to Lucy Caswell.

The position of LGBT+ Officer went to Jamie Prada, and Robyn Woof won election as Trans & Non-Binary Officer.

Conway-Gebbie, Caswell, Prada, and Woof all spoke to The Student last week, whose interviews you can find by clicking on their surnames.

Five Activities Representatives were also announced at the event, out of 14 positions.

Artistic and Creative Activities Representative went to Jingyu Sun, Employment, Transferable Skills and Finance went to Vedh Nanda, Gaming and Roleplaying went to Chenchen Zha, International and Multicultural went to Jiayu Qin, and Volunteering went to Yashasvi Raj.

Outgoing VPAS Réka Siró, who announced the Activities Representative winners, stressed the importance of her successor working to encourage more competition for the Activities Representative positions.

Four of six Section Representative positions were also announced, with Commuter Students’ Representative and Student Carers’ Representative going uncontested.

International Students’ Representative went to Un Ieng (Annie) Chan, Mature Students’ Representative went to Francis La Poll, Part Time Students’ Representative went to David Renton, and Student Parents’ Representative went to Steve Anderson.

20 of 21 Undergraduate School Representatives were announced, with Health in Social Sciences Undergraduate School Representative going unfilled. 

The filled Undergraduate Representative positions are listed below.

You can view the full results of the 2022 elections on the Students’ Association website here.

The Students’ Association have thanked everyone who took a stand, voted, and participated in this year’s elections.

If you would like to get involved in 2023, let them know here.

Biological Sciences: Tobias Hansen

Biomedical Sciences: Aditi Jain

Business: Annie Liu

Chemistry: Izabela Skowrońska

Divinity: Lucy Swale

Economics: Yong Guo

Edinburgh College of Art: Anna Avery

Education and Sport: Eve Lawson-Statham

Engineering: Lavany Mohit Pant

GeoSciences: Alexandra Knoblauch

History, Classics & Archaeology: Elizabeth Coleman

Informatics: Amy Yin

Law: Meera Mahram

Literatures, Languages and Cultures: Alexander Morzeria-Davis

Mathematics: Yashh Kotecha

Medical: Ben Harrison

Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences: Amrit Gill

Physics and Astronomy: Emily McIntyre

Social & Political Science: Zohra O’Doherty

Veterinary Studies: Tamari Yu

Image courtesy of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association

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