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EUSA launches LGBT+ History Month programme

ByAmanda Ho

Feb 3, 2015
courtesy of http://loudandproudchoir.org/

LGBT + History Month will launch in February, offering a month of diverse activities dedicated to celebrating the lives, sacrifices and achievements of the LGBT community.

EUSA’s LGBT + History Month has been organized by EUSA Vice President Services Tasha Boardman, in conjunction with the LGBT + Students Group Convener, Liam Vandewalle.

At the heart of all the celebrations, there lies a significant aim of educating people about the consequences of prejudice and the importance of honouring individuality and diversity between individuals within a community.

Boardman said: “LGBT + History Month is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, to commemorate the victims of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic violence, but also to celebrate the lives and achievements of LGBT + people”.

She continued: “The past year has not been easy for the LGBT+ community, from the introduction of shocking new laws in Russia which forbid transgender people from driving, to the re-criminalisation of homosexuality in India, to violent attacks outside gay bars in Edinburgh.”

University student and LGBT Society member, Ben Fraser, also commented: “I think what’s most important is acknowledging the fact that although there’s been huge improvements in the past decades and recently in the UK in regards to equal marriage, there’s many other issues that need to be tackled.

It’s important to appreciate the efforts of LGBT people before us that worked to create the freedoms we can enjoy today.”

All events are free and open to both students and non-students. The full list of events is available on the EUSA website, and support can be shown by learning more about the work of the LGBT + Liberation Group, who represent the University’s LGBTQIA+ members at Edinburgh.

Following on from the success of EUSA’s first LGBT + History Month campaign in 2014, a lecture from revolutionary feminist Linda Bellos OBE, and a screening of the award-winning film Pride! will take place on February 5th.

Furthermore, there will be a line-up of LGBT health and well-being discussions, various performances and an Equal Love Party (which includes the theme of a mash-up between rainbows and weddings, a photo booth and confetti).

The student union building, Teviot Row House, will also undergo a transformation of colourful building decorations, designed to showcase the spirit of the LGBT+ community.

The events will conclude with a Big EUSA Gaylidh on the 27th February.

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