EUSA president calls for implementation of ‘no detriment’ policy

The president of the Edinburgh University Students’ Association Ellen Macrae, along with 60 other student leaders, has called for more support for students.

In a letter sent to Nicola Sturgeon by the National Union of Students and signed by 60 student leaders, they call for increased hardship and digital funding for sudents alongside compensation on rent, tuition fees and the implementation of ‘no detriment’ policies in all Scottish universities and colleges.

Stating that “Students Deserve Better”, the letter emphasises that ongoing disruption to teaching and learning amidst surging Covid-19 cases will make this semester one of the hardest yet for students.

The student leaders said:

“Even if there is a vast improvement to public health in the coming months, students have already experienced enough disruption and inequality in their access to education to make some planned assessments fair.

“In light of this, we believe all institutions should adopt a no-detriment approach to assessment, so no student is academically disadvantaged as a result of this pandemic.“

Acknowledging that some institutions have already implemented mitigating strategies such as the ‘no detriment’ policy, the letter adds:

“Some – although not all – institutions have committed to a ‘no detriment’ approach already.”

“We believe that in order to avoid unnecessary drop outs, all institutions should have the same policy in place.”

The letter, signed by Ellen Macrae, comes as a petition calling for the University of Edinburgh to implement a ‘no detriment’ policy for final year students has recieved over 9,000 signatures.

Under a ‘no detriment’ policy, final year students would be afforded a safety net that ensures students’ final academic year average would be the same as, or higher than, the average they have attained through assessment that has already been undertaken. 

The Student approached the University of Edinburgh for comment and they indicated that the university would be communicating with students about the petition and a ‘no detriment’ policy this week.

Image: Edinburgh University Student Association