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EUSA Presidential race announcement delayed due to potential breach of campaigning rules

Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) announced on Friday, 11 March, that the result of the race for EUSA President would be delayed.

The Students’ Association said in a statement that this was due to “an ongoing investigation into a potential breach of the Election Regulations”.

The statement, made on the Students’ Association’s Twitter account, did not elaborate on what the alleged breach was, nor which campaign or campaigns were involved.

The result was due to be called at Friday night’s election results event, which saw every race besides President announced.

The Students’ Association’s statement further said that the election would be declared the week of 14 March.

Presidential candidate Jeremy Pestle told The Student on Friday that some presidential candidates shared suspicions about which campaign was involved in the allegation, but refused to comment further.

Presidential candidates learned of the news around 2pm on Friday, when each campaign received an email from EUSA informing them of the situation.

According to two presidential candidates interviewed by The Student on Friday, the email conveyed the same information that was given in tonight’s statement.

Earlier in the campaign, The Student uncovered that one presidential candidate engaged in behaviour that could represent a breach of campaigning rules.

It is unclear if the aforementioned campaign known to The Student is alleged in the current investigation.

A spokesperson for EUSA said to The Student:

“Due to an ongoing investigation into a potential breach of the Election Regulations we were not in a position to declare a vote result for the role of President in time for our results event on Friday evening.

“We really appreciate the frustration and anxiety this delay will cause (particularly for our Presidential candidates who we informed ahead of the Results Night), and we sincerely apologise for that. 

“Ultimately, we must ensure that all potential breaches are fully investigated, in order to maintain the integrity of our Elections. We know everyone will be keen to know who is completing our 2022/23 Sabbatical Officer team, and we’ll share that information as soon as we are able.”

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