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Eyes&Ears: What happens to Scotland next?


Sep 17, 2014
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You are probably sick of hearing it by now, or maybe you cannot wait to cast your vote, but the Scottish Independence Referendum is looming. Whether the Union survives or not, there are many interesting events for you to see in Edinburgh related to Scotland’s future post-referendum. Here are The Student’s top three choices for upcoming talks and conferences in October.

If you want to find out more about these events and other things going on in Edinburgh, then visit http://www.futureukandscotland.ac.uk/events.

“Our conference will analyse the referendum result, exploring why people voted the way they did and what issues decided the outcome. It will also look at the implications of the result for our economy, our society and Scotland’s place in the world, providing one of the first major post-referendum events to answer the simple question – so what now?”

“Experts from the Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change will offer some answers [for both the immediate and longer-term future of Scotland and the rest of the UK] both looking back at the details of what happened on 18 September and looking forward to the months and years ahead. As the component parts of the UK enter what looks set to be an unprecedented period of constitutional adjustment, this public event will use the most recent research by some of the countries [sic] most respected academics to provide a framework for understanding these changes.”

“Whether ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ change will follow, and two sides divided by such a fundamental question will need to think about how to put difference aside and work in Scotland’s best interest … [This lecture] looks at the challenges of the political timeline – with a UK election fast approaching – at the differing views of people in Scotland and England about how their nations’ relationship should develop.”

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