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“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

ByCharles Nurick

Sep 23, 2015

You perhaps would not expect the Fijian National Rugby Team to be massive fans of Benjamin Franklin, but it would appear that they have taken to heart one of his more famous phrases: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

This comes after news of the Fijians training for their opening Rugby World Cup clash against England to the sound of the Twickenham crowd to brace themselves for the hostility they may face.

It brings into question the extremes that individuals and teams will go to in an attempt to gain an edge over their opposition.

But where will it end?

Will tennis players now practice to the sound of opponents grunting? Will footballers ask their managers to sing rude chants at them on the training pitch? Will snooker players have someone quietly cough as they play a shot on their practice table?

It seems unlikely that these techniques will start becoming common within the sporting world, as no matter how hard they try, it will be impossible for teams to recreate the atmosphere experienced on game day.

It won’t stop them trying however, and I applaud that.

The more instances of footballers being forced to train while being showered with hoses to prepare them for rainy conditions, or racing drivers doing practice laps with three wheels should they find themselves like that during a race, or darts players trying to throw sober, the better.

Because after all, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Image courtesy of Craig Loftus.

By Charles Nurick

Fourth year History student. A lover of sports, gin, and long, hot baths A disliker of slow walkers, clingfilm, and umbrellas.

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