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Falling in love with yourself

ByNoa Flemming

Jan 19, 2020

Uni pressure, relationships, fitness plans – January is full of stress and frustration.

It´s easy to lay the focus on anything and anyone but ourselves at this time and if we combine that with the constant effort to please others, that´s clearly not a shining start to the new year, right?

Reconnecting with yourself isn’t something you “should” do, like eating an apple once a day or calling your grandparents every once in a while. It´s more a “must”. To not only find out what truly drives you but also to make any other relationship in your life work. If you don´t know who you are and what you want, you clearly haven´t figured out what kind of partner you are looking for. And we all know that this can result in serious troubles – for all people involved.

But how do we reconnect with ourselves? How do we find our drives and deepest desires without being too Freudian and getting stuck?

The secret is to fall in love with yourself. Clearly that´s easier said than done, but with a few tips and tricks anyone can have their own romance with themselves – you just have to focus on the little things that you like about yourself.

It´s the power of accepting who you are, which is maybe the hardest challenge one can overcome. There will always be a person who is prettier, more talented, or more fashionable than you, but that isn´t important because there are other parts of you that make up for it.

Maybe Jessica has more shiny hair than Erica, but Erica on the other hand has the most amazing brother in the whole wide world, while Jessica has no siblings at all. There is a balance in everything, and the essential thing is not to worry about others. Focus on yourself and the parts that you like about yourself.

Write them down on a paper and store your thoughts in a box. If there comes a time, when that January frustration kicks in, take out that paper and remind yourself about all the good things in your life.

Also start asking yourself empowering questions each day, like for example: “What am I enjoying most in my life right now?” or “What am I committed to in my life right now?” to access your most powerful emotional states and find peace with your inner self.

You truly are unique, and it is time for you to see that too.


Image credit: Alexas_Fotos