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Fashion Edit: regenerate your wardrobe

ByAlice Florence

Nov 8, 2016

Keeping the pieces in your wardrobe fresh can be an expensive endeavour. It is easy to rush out and buy trendy items on impulse when feeling uninspired – trust me, as I write this, I’m staring at a highly questionable pair of ‘Japanese’ print culottes. Recently I have been trying a new tactic: the ‘do-it-yourself’ style. The gratification is less instant but inexpensive, and it is oh-so satisfying to tell people: “Thanks, I made it myself!”

Embroidery is in fashion, but not everyone has the skill to go free-hand on a sewing-machine. Hand embroidery is a cheap and cheerful way of adding a personal edge to clothing. Take a plain t-shirt or piece of basic denim and lightly trace a word or phrase in chalk. A loose script looks chic and professional, whereas basic capital lettering will provide impact. Grab a needle and thread and get stitching. White thread will complement any colour, while red will contrast brilliantly with blue jeans. For ideas, check out apairandasparediy.com.

If you are looking for an even easier way of making your old denim cutting edge, look no further than iron-transfer patches. You can buy basic lettering online for pennies, and check out Asos for more elaborate images. Lay out your design and add heat – it’s that simple! If you have a few sewing-machine skills up your sleeve, why not try adding an open-back detail to your old sweaters and shirts. You can find zips in any fabric shop for a few pence. This small alteration makes any item look more expensive, and I love the look paired with high-waisted jeans.

A few other ideas to consider: add a strip of faux-fur to your simple strappy heels. If you’re looking for the wow-factor, this a great and cheap hack to accomplish it. Raw hems are currently on trend, but have you considered staggered hems? Cut the front half of your denim skirt or jeans an inch shorter than the back to create a unique look.

Fashion isn’t about bankrupting yourself to follow trends – no matter how much the industry wants you to. Have fun and experiment. Inspiration can be found everywhere, so grab some scissors and a needle, and don’t be afraid to make a mess.



[Image: Public Domain Pictures @ Flickr]

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